Parent Guidelines

As an appreciated and valuable member of the Barracuda family, your support to the team and the coaching staff is critical to the success of program. We ask every swim parent to hold themselves accountable to the same standards we set for our swimmers. In an effort to provide you and your swimmer(s) with the Best Possible Swim Experience, we are providing the following guidelines and expectations.  

2019 Parent Landing Page

Respect the Coaching Staff- The Barracuda Coaching Staff is on the pool deck to motivate and teach the swimmers. As parents, you are there to encourage and support your swimmer. If we give each coach space to do their job effectively, our swimmers will build positive and trusting relationships with their coaches. We ask parents and other family members to let the Coaches do the coaching and to support them while encouraging your child to aim high. 

Model Great Sportsmanship- Our goal is to teach our swimmers to be great people. Sportsmanship always has and will continue to be a critical component of this education. Support your fellow team parents, fellow volunteers, our competitors, and their facilities. In turn, your children will learn the spirit of friendly and supportive competition. 

Participate- Your On-Deck and Behind the Scenes support is critical to executing a successful Swim Season. We hope that you look at every request to volunteer as an opportunity to support your swimmer(s), the team, and the quest for a fair exercise of competition.   The team and the swim meets cannot be successful without full participation of the parent volunteers. Please know that your work is reciprocated and appreciated. 

Read the Team Handbook - The Updated 2019 Team Handbook has all of the information you’ll need to navigate the swim season. You will find information on our values and team mission, our social calendar, a how-to guide for a swim meets, and more. Please read it carefully, adhere to and understand the Parent Responsibilities, and know that you can always find it online.