Barracuda Splash Dash 2023
Barracudas Are Back with a Splash Dash In 2023!
MAY 31
Time: 4:00 PM
JRSC South Side Pool Deck
Rachel Buller Email
Please join us for our annual Splash Dash - a Lap Swimming Barracuda Fundraiser. This is a great opportunity to bring your family and friends out to cheer on your kiddos as they try out their newly learned skills!!

How does our fundraiser work?
To raise money, swimmers receive pledges and donations from family members, friends, neighbors, and local businesses. Use our EASY online system to set up a fundraising account for each of your children. They can use a message already in the system or create something unique that talks about why they love their Barracuda Swim Team so much!

We hope that every swimmer can raise a minimum of $50! Our goal as a team is to raise at least $8,000. This money goes towards social events, trophies and medals, meet equipment, spirit supplies and events, Champs Pep Rally, and our senior recognition and scholarship program.

What is Dash is All About?
All of our swimmers will swim in their LEVELS for the set amount of time and swim as many laps as possible.

ARRIVE: 20 minutes before your scheduled time to check-in and get ready. Parents, you will count your swimmer's laps.

  • 1 & 1A: 4:00 - 4:15 - 15 minutes. *Optional: 1 & 1A can swim with Fins. There will be awards for a "Fins" and "No-Fins" category for this level only.

  • 2: 4:25 - 4:45 - 20 minutes

  • 3: 4:55 - 5:25 - 30 minutes

  • 4: 5:35 - 6:15 - 40 minutes

  • 5 & 6: 6:25 - 7:15 - 50 minutes

  • Our goal this year is MAXIMUM PARTICIPATION and we want to see every kiddo on deck ready to give it their best for their team. Encourage them to solicit donations from friends and neighbors. Let this be their efforts. Any amount helps! Shake the couch cushions, look in the cup holders in your car, dig deep into the swim bag. Asking 5 friends for a $10 donation quickly adds up to $50!

    Here are suggested goals for each level:
    1 & 1 A: 10-20 laps
    2: 25-35 laps
    3: 40-55 laps
    4: 70-90 laps
    5 & 6: 100-120 laps

    Incentives include:
    Top Participation Award - Level with the highest % of participation receives an ice cream party with the coaches!
    Top Lap Swimmers by Level - Top 2 boys and Top 2 girls per level will receive a Nuyo Gift Card.
    Top 3 Overall Fundraisers - Top fundraiser will win a $100 Swim Outlet Gift Card. Top 2nd will win $75 and top 3rd will win $50.

    Raffle on Deck!
    We will also be hosting a raffle! All participants will get 1 raffle ticket. Participants who raise at least $50 will receive 2 raffle tickets. Tickets will also be for sale at the event! We have many amazing items to raffle off for kids and adults!! Including a FREE MONTH at Johnson Ranch and a FREE Swim REGISTRATION for Next Season!
    Participants | Rank 0/248
    $390.00 Emma Taylor
    $325.01 Mack Sweet
    $324.99 Brock
    $324.99 Jake
    $300.00 Cain Paulazzo
    Top Roster (amount)
    $2,428.02 Level 3
    $2,033.01 Level 4
    $1,775.01 Level 1A
    $1,255.00 Level 2
    $870.00 Level 1