WHAT is the Mini-Rays program?
The Mini-Rays program is part of the Kincaid Forest Stingrays swim team. Mini-Rays consists of swimmers who aren’t yet competing in swim meets or able to swim a full lap of the pool completely unassisted and without stopping. Mini-Rays are welcomed and encouraged to attend all of the Stingrays social events. Mini-Rays will receive a t-shirt but no swim cap as part of their registration fees. Mini-Rays have the ability to be promoted to the Stingrays team at any point during the Mini’s season with approval from the head coach. Mini’s will move to the main Stingrays when they are ready to compete in meets and can complete a full lap of the pool, unassisted, without stopping, and with confidence.  

WHO would be eligible for the Mini-Rays team?
Anyone who is interested in developing their swimming skills so that they can eventually be on the Stingrays swim team. All participants would need to be fully potty-trained. All participants need to be comfortable leaving their parents to work with their assigned Jr. coach. This program is most successful for kids who have some swim experience and are willing to be in the water without a parent. The Mini-Rays team will max-out at 35 swimmers.

WHEN does the minis program begin and end?
The minis program will start on Tuesday June 13th and end on Friday, July 14th. This program will run Monday-Friday (excluding Wednesdays) and the final event for the Mini-Rays season will be the Lollipop Swim Meet on Friday, June 14th.  Practice will run from 5:30-6:00 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

HOW MUCH does the registration cost?
The registration for the program is $135 for residents and $175 for non-residents. Your registration fee includes a mini-rays tee-shirt.

VOLUNTEER requirements for Mini-Rays?
Mini-Rays parents need to volunteer for 3 slots—this can be for Stingrays social events or for regular Stingrays Swim Team meets. If you have a child on the Mini-Rays and on the Stingrays, you still need to fulfill your 5 slots required by the Stingrays.