How To Own or Lease

Use of the Kent Swim and Tennis Club facilities is limited to owners and those who lease for the season from an owner.  To become an Owner you must purchase directly from a current owner. Price is determined by current owner, not by KSTC.

Not sure if you are ready to become an owner?  Many families will lease from an owner for a season to determine how much they will enjoy/use the club.  You may only lease one season.

Our Buy/Sell/Lease List (BSLL) provides contact information for available ownerships.

About the buying/leasing process:

  • Ownership and lease prices are determined by negotiations between the owner and purchaser/leaser.  KSTC does not set, nor have any say, in pricing.
    • KSTC does have a $250 transfer fee for sales
    • KSTC does have a $125 transfer fee for leases
  •      When an agreement has been reached, the owner must notify the Membership Chairperson of the proposed transaction.
  • The Membership Chair must be contacted before any money or paperwork changes hands.  Failing to notify the Membership Chair of your intent to sell or lease will delay the processing of the transaction.
  • The Membership Chair will then submit the proposed transaction to the KSTC board for approval.  Per the KSTC bylaws, all transactions must be approved by the board. 
  • When the transaction has been approved by the board, the Membership Chair will notify the owner.
  • The purchaser and owner will then complete the appropriate paperwork.  Completed paperwork and the KSTC fee must be mailed to the PO Box listed at the top of the paperwork.
  • The new owner/leaser can enjoy the summer after all paperwork/payment has reached our bookkeeper and the membership chair has completed the transfer.