2021 Swim Lessons

KSTC is proud to offer its progressive swim program to owners and the public. Our program combines water safety skills, efficient stroke mastery and endurance building.  Each class is designed to improve the swimmers water skills.  The classes are in logical progression so that each swimmer can get the instruction they need.  We are excited about teaching children to swim.


Program Philosophy:

At KSTC all students can learn to swim. The instructors will identify the strengths and weaknesses of all of their students, and use strategies to best instruct all students, and facilitate an effective and efficient lesson class every day. Students deserve to learn at their own pace, but must be pushed by the staff to learn new skills.




  • Create the most comprehensive, adaptable, consistent swim lessons program of any pool in our area. To be the model that other programs aspire to in their lesson programs.

  • Improve the skills of swimmers at any age and any skill level that choose attend our program.

  • Create an atmosphere where fun is part of the hard work by the students.


Our instructors love to swim! They will pass on their love for swimming through their dealings with all of their students. They will effectively communicate both student accomplishments and needs to parents. 


The skill sets for each class will consistently build upon a lower level class skill set. The class skills set are established by the management of the club. If a student progresses past a class’ skill set during a lesson session, then the student will be started on the skills for the next class level.