2020 Tennis Lessons Currently Being Updated

Group Lessons

KSTC is proud to offer Group Tennis Lessons to owners and the public.  Each class is designed to improve the players tennis skills, teach tennis etiquette, and pass on the love of the game.

  • Monday through Thursday (Friday is a rain makeup day)
  • Duration: 55 minutes, 
  • Lessons are offered from 12-12:55 PM or 1-1:55 PM
  • Cost $55 KSTC Owners and $70 for non members
  • Offered for children 6 and up, grouped by ability and/or age

Private Lessons

Our Tennis Coach, Bryan Thornquist is available for private lessons.  He is a private contractor, and is responsible for all fees necessary to conduct the lesson.  Nonmembers must pay a fee of $5.00 to KSTC, and may only use the courts as long as the instructor is present. You can find Bryan's contact information under the Info - Staff Tab.

Note: All private lessons must be conducted during open facility times.