Guest Policy

KSTC allows owners to bring occasional guests for a fee. Please tell the staff if you are expecting guests and notify them how the guest fee will be paid.  All guests register at the front desk by signing the guest book, and it is the responsibility of the owner to ensure guests follow all rules. Owners will meet guests at the front desk.  No guests will be allowed in the facility unless the owner is present, and all guests must leave when the owner they are with leaves.

An occasional guest, as defined by KSTC, is one that visits no more than 3 times a month.

Guest Fees

  • $8.00 per person ages 3 - 61 (includes tax)
  • $4.00 per person ages 62 and over
  • Free children under 2 and younger
  • Punch cards - 10 visits for $75.00 (includes tax) purchased by owners.

Owners can bring in up to 10 guests at any one time.  For more than 10 guests, please contact the pool manager (

Out-of-Area Guests

Out-of-area guests may be offered guest privileges for an extended period of time to coincide with the time they are guests of your household. This shall be for a fee of $18.00 per week per individual or $50.00 per family and to last no longer than three weeks. Guests must register at the front desk prior to entry.

Long Term Out-of-Area Guests

Out-of-area guests who are visiting for longer than three weeks shall be registered as a member of your household, pay $68.00 per guest and will sign in at the front desk prior to entry.


Permanent childcare, such as a nanny or full time caregiver, shall be treated as a member of the family for the period of time when your child is in their care. No additional guest fee will be required. The nanny/full time caregiver shall not have KSTC privileges at any other time. It is assumed that when children and their permanent full time caregiver are using the facilities that the adult members of the family are not using the facilities. Please notify the Membership Board member of any permanent caregiver, so they can be noted in your owner information.


Babysitters who are used for an occasional period of time at KSTC with the owners's children shall be treated as a guest. They will be required to pay a guest fee and register the front desk prior to entry.


Grandchildren living with grandparents full-time are household member and should be registered as such. Other situations fall under "Out-of-Area guests".

Punch Cards

Owners may purchase a punch card that is good for ten guest visits. The punch card may only be used when bringing in 10 or fewer guests. If you are bringing in more than 10 guests, all guests will be subject to the full individual fee. Guests must still register at the front desk and follow all other sections of the guest policy.

Sales Visits

Current owners may invite perspective owners at no cost for a onetime visit with prior approval from the President, Operations or Membership board members. Guests must still register at the front desk.