KSTC Rules and Regulations 


Facility is defined as the area contained within the fenced perimeter including all buildings, swimming pool, tennis courts grass and cement within the grounds of KSTC.

Grounds is defined as the area contained by the outer property lines of KSTC as set by the City of Kent.

  1. Club Manager has the authority over the activities of owners, leasers and guests within the KSTC facility and grounds.
  2. Owners and their guests must obey KSTC Staff at all times. KSTC Staff has the authority to forbid anyone to enter the facilities and to enforce the following disciplinary actions after a verbal warning has been issued and not adhered to:

    • Time out of the pool and/or off the tennis courts
    • Removal from facility or grounds
  3. Owners are responsible to see that their guests observe the rules and regulations. Failure to comply with these rules and regulations may be considered sufficient cause to suspend facility privileges of the offending owner and/or guest for the day or longer.
  4. Lifeguards are not to be distracted for any reason while on duty.
  5. Only KSTC guards, staff, coaches, are allowed in the pool office or guard shack.  Access to Event 73 is allowed only by KSTC guards, staff and coaches as needed or event volunteers during an event.
  6. All owners must check in at the office upon entry of the facility during regular operating hours.  Owners must check in all guests by name (see guest policy). If owners are at the facility prior to regular business hours (such as for a team practice/lessons), they must return to the office and check in upon facility opening for regular business hours.
  7. All guests must be accompanied by an owner at all times. Guests must abide by these operating rules and are not allowed to be in the facility without the owner present.
  8. Any damage occurring to club property anywhere on the grounds by owners or owner’s guests will be charged to the responsible owner.  Any vandalism or misuse of property should be immediately reported to KSTC staff.
  9. No food or glass containers allowed on the pool deck or tennis courts at any time.
  10. Bicycles, rollerblades, skateboards, etc. are not allowed inside the facility. Bicycles can be locked up on the bike rack in the parking lot.
  11. All owners, their families and their guests will treat other owners, guards, staff, coaches, and volunteers in a respectful and friendly manner. Physically or verbally abusive behavior is unacceptable at all times.  Owners and their guests will refrain from publically judging, criticizing, gossiping or otherwise creating a hostile environment for others. This includes engaging in a negative humor or bantering that may intimidate, demean, or offend another person.
  12. Profanity, improper behavior, or vulgar remarks are prohibited. Owners will do their utmost to create a culture of dignity and respect that is free from harassment or intimidation. Bullying tactics by adults and children will not be tolerated.
  13. No electronic devices shall be used within the facility or grounds except when connected to earphones or so that it's audible to the individual user only, with the exception of the Event 73 area, for a private party, with prior KSTC Pool Manager approval.
  14. KSTC staff has the right to restrict minors and their guests from using the facility without supervision.
  15. No boys over the age of six are permitted in the women's bathroom and no girls over the age of six are permitted in the men's bathroom.
  16. Please respect opening and closing hours of the pool.  Members should start preparing to leave for the evening 15 minutes prior to closing.


  1. No pets are allowed in the facility unless they are a service animal and official paperwork can be provided.
  2. No smoking or use of tobacco products (cigarettes, cigars, pipes, e-cigarettes, vaporizer cigarettes) are allowed in the facility or on the grounds, except in the designated area, past the dumpster in the parking lot.  Please dispose of ashes in provided receptacles.
  3. Owners will respect the environment, clean up after themselves and remind their children and guests to do the same.  BBQs are provided for the owner's convenience.  BBQs must be properly cleaned after each use. This includes scraping the grill and removing all excess food and drippings.  When using the outside sink, drains must be cleared of any food or debris.   Under no circumstance are dishes or utensils to be left in the sink.  All borrowed utensils must be properly cleaned and returned to their place. All tables must be wiped down and all food properly disposed off.  All garbage and recycling must be put into the appropriate containers. Large amounts of garbage and recycling must be taken out to the main dumpster in the parking lot by the owner. Remember, food, open containers, and garbage left around the club attracts vermin, birds, and bees.  There are no wait staff or maids employed by the club so owners and guests must take responsibility for the presentation and sanitation of the club.
  4. Food and glass are prohibited anywhere around the pool deck, locker rooms, or tennis courts.  Please keep food and drink in designated areas.  Beverages in plastic containers may be consumed on pool deck and water may be consumed on tennis courts.
  5. Pollution of the pool is prohibited. Specifically urinating, blowing the nose, or depositing any foreign matter in the pool.
  6. Please take a cleansing shower before using the pool, and after sunbathing or exercising. All band aids and gum must be thrown in the garbage prior to entering the pool.  Only properly hemmed bathing attire is allowed.
  7. Life guards have the right and responsibility to deny pool usage to babies and toddlers who are not using appropriate undergarments (i.e. swim diapers and disposable diapers) in pool. Diapers are available for purchase in the pool office.

 Pool/Tennis Safety

  1. Walking only, on the pool deck and any cemented area of the grounds, except the tennis court. Running, wrestling, pushing, dunking or other harmful acts of horseplay are prohibited in the pool and on the pool deck.  Running on the grass is permitted.
  2. All interaction with a life guard on duty shall be restricted to only necessary conversation.
  3. Hanging onto the lane line is not allowed.
  4. Children under 13 years of age must be accompanied by an adult at all times anywhere in the facility even if they have passed a swim test.  Children 13 years and younger are not allowed to invite any guest without being accompanied by the owner.
  5. Children using swim aids and other approved flotation devices must be accompanied by an adult in the water at all times. Children less than 4 feet in height (armpit deep in the shallow end) who have not passed a swimming proficiency test must be in with arms reach of their caregiver (13 years and older proficient swimmer) at all times when using the pool.
  • The caregiver may be sitting on the edge of the pool near the gutter attentively watching the child.
  • Deep end use is prohibited to all swimmers with floatation devices, but is permitted to a swimmer with no floatation device, when accompanied by the caregiver.
  • A caregiver must always be in the water with a child who is using an approved flotation device.


  1. When using toys and balls in the pool, please remember that you must be respectful to other swimmers in the pool.
  2. Water toys such as noodles, may be used but may be restricted during high pool occupancy.  They are not allowed in the deep end. Soft Nerf, sponge, or light rubber balls are only allowed in the competition area of the pool.  Playing with tennis balls is not allowed in the pool or on the pool deck. Lifeguards reserve the right to limit ball & toy use at all times.
  3. Snorkels, or swim masks with nose pieces, or portions of the eye pieces that cover the nose are prohibited.
  4. Flotation devices, other than swim aids for small children, are limited for usage only on float days: Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, and at designated social functions.

Shallow End

  1. Front jumps only from side in shallow end, no diving.
  2. Starting blocks may only be used with supervision of a qualified coach, for instructional purposes. Starting block covers will not be removed by anyone other than staff.
  3. The lap lane is reserved for lap swimmers only:
  4. Circle swimming is required when more than one swimmer is using the lane.
  5. Lap swimmers who chose to swim outside the lap lane do so at their own inconvenience.
  6. Fins, pull buoys, and kick boards are for use by swimmers only in lap lane.
  7. Crossing the lap lane must be done carefully and will not impede the swimming of the person lapping.

Deep End

  1. Only front dives or jumps from side of deep end are allowed. Backwards diving from the edge of the pool is not allowed.
  2. The area from the lane lines to the ladders is designated for swimming in the deep end.
  3. Only one person is allowed on the diving board at a time. Divers may take one bounce when diving from the board. Do not dive from the sides of the diving board, jump or dive straight off and promptly swim to the side. Divers (including children) may not dive into the arms of another person waiting in the water, except during lessons. Floatation devices are prohibited on the diving boards.

Tennis Courts

  1. No food or drinks, other than water, are allowed on the courts at any time.
  2. Tennis shoes or other non marking shoes only.
  3. No chairs, tents or other items that could damage courts are allowed unless approved by Pool Manager.


KSTC allows members to bring an occasional guest(s) to enjoy the facility. Guests and parties should never impede on the ability of members to enjoy the facility.

  1. All guests who are invited to the pool (swimming or not) shall pay a guest fee upon arrival. Parents dropping off children who are guests are the only exception.
  2. All guests are required to sign in (every member of their party) and write the name of the member they are visiting.
  3. The member will be called and the guests will be allowed entrance to the pool once they have paid the guest fee, signed in, and the hosting member has come to escort them into the facility.
  4. No guests will be allowed entrance into the facility without the host member being present.

Out-of-Area Guests

Out-of-area guests may be offered guest privileges for an extended period of time to coincide with the time they are guests of your household (No longer than 3 weeks).Guest must pay a fee and sign in at the front desk prior to entry. Guests must be with a member to enter. Please see Pool Manager or web site for fee information.

Long Term Out-of-Area Guests
Out-of-area guests visiting for longer than 3 weeks shall be registered as a member of your household, pay a fee, and must sign in at the front desk prior to entry. Guests must be with a member to enter.  Please see Pool Manager or web site for fee information.

Permanent childcare, such as a nanny or full time caregiver shall be treated as a member of the family for the period of time when your child is in their care.  No additional guest fee will be required.  The caregiver shall not have KSTC privileges at any other time. It is assumed that when children and their permanent full time caregiver are using the facilities that the adult members of the family are not also using the facilities. Paying a guest fee is always an option.

Babysitters, 13 and older, used for an occasional period of time and at KSTC with the member’s children shall be treated as a guest, required to pay a guest fee and must sign in at the front desk prior to entry.

Grandchildren with Grandparents

Grandchildren living with grandparents full-time are household members and should be registered as such.  Other situations fall under “Out-of-area guests”.

When planning summer parties or celebrations, please review the “Table” policy & the following policy:

  1. You may bring in up to 10 guests at any one time.
  2. If you would like to have a party with more than 10 guests, you must contact our Pool Manager by email or phone (contact information can be found on the website or by calling the office 253-852-7620) for approval.
  3. No party is officially booked until you have received confirmation (either by email or phone) from the Pool Manager.

**Note - If you have a party of over twenty guests that you would like to schedule, please consider renting the pool. Large parties affect the staffing of the pool, and the budget. Parties or rentals should not impede on members ability to enjoy the facility.

Rentals are scheduled after Open Swim everyday and before Open Swim on Saturday and Sunday.  Other rental times may be arranged outside operating hours.  Rental times are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.

  1. The minimum rental time is 2 hours.
  2. Rental fees are based on the number of people using the facility, not just swimmers in the pool.
  3. If you would like to rent the pool, you must contact our Pool Manager by email or phone (contact information can be found on the website or by calling the office @ 253-852-7620) for approval.
  4. No party is officially booked until you have received confirmation (either by email or phone) from the Pool Manager.
  5. To schedule a rental before the season, please contact a board member.


Tables are for the use of members while they are at the pool.  Leaving items on tables in Event 73 and the general barbeque area to “save” or “reserve” for later use is not allowed.  In consideration of all, please be aware that at times tables may need to be shared by multiple families.

  1. There is a one table limit/family (except for scheduled events – see below)
  2. Tables are for eating and socializing only (no food or other type of storage)
  3. Those needing more than 2 tables can use the barbeques and tables found above the tennis courts.  You are allowed to bring in your own tables, but they must be used in the area above the tennis courts. You may arrange the use of folding tables from the office (see office for fee to use tables) to be set up in the grass area above the tennis courts.
  4. For scheduled events:
  • Scheduled events may use up to 2 tables only under Event 73 and the general barbeque area. If you need more than 2 tables you must use the area above the tennis courts.  You may bring your own or arrange the use of tables from the office, but they must be used in the area above the tennis courts.
  • 2 tables can be reserved for 2 ½ hour time blocks.
  • Tables (picnic or foldable) must be used for eating or socializing, not for gifts or storage.
  •  You may arrive no more than 30 minutes before your event to get your two tables and set up. 

*Note - Gatherings of more than 25+ people will be considered a private rental