KSTC Rules

The club rules are defined by the KSTC board.  Their purpose is to ensure that those at the club have a safe and enjoyable experience.  It is important for owners, lessees, and their guests to understand that KSTC is a shared, community owned, facility.  With a reasonable amount of respect and courtesy, we can all enjoy our time with family and friends at KSTC.

For the purpose of these rules:

  1. The term owner is defined to include both KSTC owners and those that have leased an ownership.
  2. Facilities is defined as the area contained within the fenced perimeter including all buildings, swimming pool, tennis courts grass and cement within the grounds of KSTC.
  3. Grounds is defined as the area contained by the outer property lines of KSTC as set by the City of Kent.



  1. The Club manager has authority over the activities of all owners and guests within the KSTC grounds.  This includes the authority to deny admittance, or remove owners/guests from the grounds. 
  2. Owners and their guests must obey KSTC staff. KSTC Staff has the authority to deny admittance and restrict access to the pool and tennis courts:
  3. KSTC staff has the right to restrict minors and their guests from using the facility without owner supervision.
  4. KSTC is not responsible for any injuries to owners or their guests.
  5. KSTC is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Facility Rules

  1. No pets are allowed in the facility unless they are a service animal and official paperwork can be provided.
  2. No smoking or use of tobacco products (cigarettes, cigars, pipes, e-cigarettes, vaporizer cigarettes) are allowed in the facility or on the grounds, except in the designated area, past the dumpster in the parking lot.  Please dispose of ashes in provided receptacles.
  3. Bicycles, rollerblades, skateboards, etc. are not allowed inside the facility. Bicycles can be locked up on the bike rack in the parking lot.
  4. Children under 13 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.
  5. No boys over the age of six are permitted in the women's bathroom and no girls over the age of six are permitted in the men's bathroom.
  6. Access to the Event 73 kitchen area is allowed only by KSTC staff.
  7. Access to the office area, guard shack, pump room, and storage sheds are restricted to authorized personnel.
  8. The use of cameras, video cameras or any device containing camera equipment is prohibited in all locker rooms, bathrooms and changing rooms.


  1. Owners are responsible to see that their guests observe the rules and regulations.
  2. All owners must check in at the office upon entry of the facility during regular operating hours.  Owners must check in all guests by name (see guest policy). If owners are at the facility prior to regular business hours (such as for a team practice/lessons), they must return to the office and check in upon facility opening for regular business hours.
  3. Any damage occurring to club property anywhere on the grounds by owners or owner’s guests will be charged to the responsible owner.  Any vandalism or misuse of property should be immediately reported to KSTC staff.
  4. Respect is critical. All owners and guests will treat others in a respectful and friendly manner. Physically or verbally abusive behavior is unacceptable.  Abusive, hostile, demeaning, offensive and vulgar or other improper behavior will not be tolerated.  This includes engaging in a negative humor or bantering that may intimidate, demean, or offend another person.
  5. Profanity, improper behavior, or vulgar remarks are prohibited. Owners will do their utmost to create a culture of dignity and respect that is free from harassment or intimidation. Bullying tactics by adults and children will not be tolerated.
  6. Respect the right of others to not have to listen to your music.
  7. Please respect opening and closing hours of the pool.  Owners should start preparing to leave for the evening 15 minutes prior to closing.
  8. Owners will clean up their mess.  This is not the responsibility of KSTC staff.  Specifically:
    1.  BBQs must be properly cleaned after each use. This includes scraping the grill and removing all excess food and drippings.
    2. The KSTC provided grilling utensils must be cleaned and returned.
    3. When using the outside sink, drains must be cleared of food and debris.  Do not leave dishes in the sink. 
    4. Clean your table when done.
    5. Put the garbage in the appropriate container.  Large amounts of garbage and recycling can be taken out to the main dumpster in the parking lot


Pool Rules

  1. Obey the life guards at all times.
  2. Do not disturb the life guards – necessary conversation only.
  3. No food or glass containers are allowed on the pool deck or tennis courts.   Beverages in plastic containers may be consumed on pool deck and only water may be consumed on tennis courts.
  4. Pollution of the pool is prohibited. Specifically urinating, blowing the nose, or depositing any foreign matter in the pool.
  5. Please take a cleansing shower before using the pool, and after sunbathing or exercising.
  6. All band aids and gum must be thrown in the garbage prior to entering the pool.
  7. Only properly hemmed bathing attire is allowed.
  8. Babies and toddlers must use the appropriate undergarment (i.e. swim diapers)
  9. No running on the pool deck
  10. Pushing, dunking or other harmful acts of horseplay are prohibited.  ‘Harmful acts of horseplay’ will be defined by the life guards.
  11. Do not hang on the lane lines
  12. Life guards may, at their discretion, require pool users to take a swimming proficiency test.
  13. Non proficient swimmers must be accompanied by a responsible person (a 13 year or older proficient swimmer) who is also in the water.
    1. This includes children with swim aids and approved flotation devices.
    2. For those non-proficient swimmers who are at least 4 feet tall (water is shoulder height in the shallow end of the pool), the responsible person may attentively watch from the edge of the pool.
  14. Deep end use is prohibited to all swimmers with flotation devices.
  15. The use of some toys is allowed
    1. Toy use is at the discretion of the life guards.  High occupancy may restrict toy use.
    2. When using toys, be respectful to the other swimmers
    3. No tennis balls in the pool
    4. No snorkels or swim masks with nose pieces are allowed.  No devices (e.g. snorkels) that allow one to ‘breathe’ underwater are allowed.
  16. Shallow end use
    1. No diving from the edge of the pool
    2. Front jumps from the side are allowed. 
    3. Starting blocks may only be used with supervision of a qualified coach, for instructional purposes.
    4. The lap lane is reserved for lap swimmers only
      1. Circle swimming is required when more than one swimmer is using the lane
      2. Fins, pull buoys, and kick boards are available for lap lane swimmers.
    5. Crossing the lap lane must be done in a manner to not impede the lap swimmer.
  17.  Deep end use
    1. Front dives and jumps from the edge of the pool are allowed. No backwards diving.
    2. Swimming is permitted in the area from the lane lines to the ladders.
    3. Only one person is allowed on the diving board at a time.
      1. Divers may take one bounce when diving from the board.
      2. Dive or jump straight off and promptly swim to the side of the pool (i.e. get out the way of the next diver).
      3. No diving from the sides of the diving board.
      4. No diving into the arms of another person waiting in the water.

Tennis Courts

  1. No food or drinks, other than water, are allowed on the courts at any time.
  2. Tennis shoes or other non-marking shoes only.
  3. No chairs, tents or other items that could damage courts are allowed unless approved by the club manager.



Tables become a limited commodity on those nice summer days when everyone is at the club. When this happens, be respectful of the other owners. Limit your table use to one. Don’t hold or save a table you are not using. Or better yet, share your table with someone you don’t know. Note that owners are permitted to bring in additional tables, but they must be setup in the area above the tennis courts.