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The process for certification and recertification of officials for KISL meets remains somewhat modified for this season;

  • There will be a limited number of in-person officials clinics for the 2021-2022 season. 
  • All previously certified officials may recertify by completing the applicable test(s) below, using the 2021 KISL Officials Clinic Handout that may be downloaded below.
  • It is preferred that new officials attend one of the officials clinics listed on the schedule below.  If you cannot attend one of the clinics, you should be review the various videos below, afterwards you will need to successfully complete the applicable Stroke &Turn Judge, Starter, or Referee test below.  The 2021 KISL Officials Clinic Handout (below) should be used to complete the test(s).
  • It is recommended that all officials review the videos listed under USA Swimming Training Resources below
  • It is hoped that we will be able to return to our 'normal' process for officials certification with the beginning of the 20222-2023 KISL season.



KISL rules require that all persons serving as Referee, Starter, or Stroke & Turn Judge be certified by KISL in that position.  To that end, KISL holds a number of officials training clinics at the beginning of each season, and supports a testing facility for those wishing to be certified. 

2021 KISL Officials Clinics Schedule  - Clinic Schedule   Updated 01 October

In addition to clinic attendance the candidate must successfully complete the certification test for the position(s) they wish to be certified for.  Below are the KISL Officials Clinic Handout and the tests for Referee, Starter and Stroke & Turn Judge.  It is suggested that the candidate first download and complete the written test, then transfer their answers to the online test.  Click on the "Online Test Link" and you will be transferred to the appropriate test. Once you complete the online test you will immediately see your results, please print this page for your records,  Within a day or two, your name will be added to the list of certified officials that may be viewed by clicking on the 'High School' tab.

Persons currently certified as Referee, Starter or Stroke&Turn Judge by either USA Swimming or GKAISA may be qualified for certification as a KISL official.  Those persons should contact Tom Schumann ([email protected] or 865.806.2150) to determine whether special certification requirements may apply.


2021 KISL Officials Clinic Handout

KISL Officials Certification Tests

Referee Certification Test          Online Test Link         Download Written Test

Starter Certification Test               Online Test Link            Download Written Test

Stroke & Turn Certification Test    Online Test Link        Download Written Test


GKAISA Officials Clinic Training Videos

USA Swimming Training Resources


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