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Swim Meet Job Descriptions

Updated 3/25/2019


Families will be asked to volunteer for 3 swim or dive meets (this includes the intersquad meet).  


Each volunteer position lasts one entire swim or dive meet.  Most jobs last about 4 hours and are easy to do.  It takes about 35 parents from both competing teams to staff the various jobs for one meet.  Families may choose the "Volunteer Exemption" option by paying a one time fee of $150 at the time of registration. If a family does not complete their required 3 meet obligation they will be asked to pay the "Volunteer Exemption" fee.


To sign up for volunteer jobs - go to the individual swim meet on the webpage



Below is a list and description of the Stingrays swim and dive meet jobs:


Swim Meet Jobs

Some jobs require training prior to working

Age Group Parent (6 and under) - 4            

Age Group Parent (7-8)  - 4                                   Ribbons - 8

Age Group Parent (9-10) - 2                                   Runner - 1

Announcer - 1                                    Starter - 1

Clerk of Course                                     Stroke & Turn - 1

Computer Scorer - 1                                   Finish Judge - 2

Concessions - 3                                    Timer - 8

Timer Recorder - 8




Dive Meet Jobs


Announcer                            Recorder - 1

Calculator - 1                     Ribbon - 1            

Dive Judge - 1            





The Timer uses a stopwatch provided by the team to measure the time it takes for a swimmer in their lane to complete the race.  When the Meet Official sounds the starting tone or the strobe light on the starting machine flashes, each Timer starts their stopwatch.  When the swimmer in a given lane touches the end wall with any part of the body, the timer in that lane stops their stopwatch. The time from the stopwatch is then written onto the swimmer's swim card by the timer recorder. Brief training prior to the meet start is all that is necessary for this job.

Stroke & Turn Judge


The Stroke & Turn Judge watches the swimmer's form and must disqualify the swimmer if the stroke or turn does not meet stated criteria.  The stroke judges are primarily responsible for the four lanes on their side and at their end of the pool. The Stingrays are always badly in need of good stroke judges.  Training is required for this job, but it is offered for free each summer.




This is the most technically demanding job. The Starter runs the events in the meet by ensuring that the swimmers start simultaneously and oversees all the other meet officials. This is a leadership position that requires experience and a take-charge personality. It is up to the Starter to keep the meet moving.    You must first be Stroke & Turn certified prior to training for starter.

Meet Organizer

The overseer who makes sure all jobs are filled and that things run as smoothly as possible. Must be willing to approach people at the meet to help fill jobs at the last minute. This would be a person who knows many of the faces around the pool. The Meet Organizer needs to be familiar with all the positions, the potential problems, and be able to draft helpers and give rapid on-the-job training.


The concession job involves working at the team concession stand during the meet.  Parent’s donations for that meet must be collected and accounted for. Food, drinks and team gear is sold at the concession stand during the meet.

The concession stand requires 3 people for each meet.  This allows you to take a break and watch your child swim in their events.

Timer Recorder

The timer recorder verifies the swimmer prior to the heat start, noting any change in substitute swimmers.  When the heat is complete the timer recorder records the time on the timer’s stopwatch and submits the lane slip as requested per the worker meeting prior to the meet start.

Each meet will require 4 timer recorders from each team competing.


The runner gathers lane slips after each heat and takes them to the scorer’s table to be entered into the computer.

Two runners will be needed each meet.

Computer Scorer

Scorers from each team record the results following each race, and track the team scores. There can be some pressure at the table, and the job requires knowledge of the computer program (Meet Manager) used for the computerized scoring system.  The scorekeepers are critical to the success of the meet, and they are often the only ones who know which team is winning the meet. The league runs clinics each summer to train new scoring table workers, and your team leaders will also be very happy to show you the ropes and have you apprentice for this essential job.



These volunteers usually have a stack of a specific finishing place ribbon, i.e. 1st place ribbons.  As each heat finishes and the order is placed on the finishing board near the scorers table, the ribbon volunteers are to identify the appropriate swimmer and hand them the ribbon according to their finishing place.

There are 4 ribbon volunteers needed for each meet from each team.  One person per finishing place.


This is a great job for someone with a strong voice and an ability to correctly pronounce names. You announce the upcoming events, and work with the Starter/Referee to keep the meet moving quickly and smoothly.


Marshals are an important element in the conduct of a safe and efficient meet. They should be involved not only in supervision and control of the warm-up sessions, but also in several other aspects of the meet.  This includes maintaining crowd control, deck access, proper competitor and spectator decorum and safe, courteous behavior in other areas of the venue such as locker rooms. They should be responsible individuals who can communicate instructions to swimmers, coaches and spectators without creating an adversarial atmosphere. The exercise of polite, but firm, authority by Marshals will go a long way towards assuring a pleasant, safe and efficient meet.


The substitute replaces any non-certified worker that is not available to fulfill their duties as needed.  

There will be 2 parent volunteers will be needed as subs for each meet to run smoothly.

Clerk of Course

The clerk of course is an official who coordinates with the coaches and swimmers to line up each swimmer by event and lane according to the heat sheet.

There will be 2 clerks of course for each meet.


Parent volunteers are what make each swim meet be a success.  To encourage parents to volunteer on a regular basis the hospitality volunteers take care of officials, volunteers and coaches by bringing them drinks and/or snacks during the meet.  

There will be 2 hospitality volunteers for each meet.


Age Group Parents

For the 6&U, 7-8, and 9-10 age groups, age group parents are needed. Two parents are needed for each age group. The age group parents should make sure that the kids are at the Clerk of Course (the benches) at the correct time.  After warm-ups at the meet, the age group parent will gather their swimmers and will check their arms for: Event number, Stroke, Heat, and Lane. It’s important that the parents write on their swimmer’s arm what they will be swimming before they get in the water for warm-ups. The announcer will let you know what events are coming up. Please make sure all the swimmers are there. If there is any problem (a swimmer didn’t show, etc.) or question, please let one of the coaches know so that they can try to fix the situation.

There will be a total of 6 age group parents for each meet, 2 for each age group.


Age group parents are expected to stay for the full length of the swim meet.