Dive Meets

2021 Dual Meet Schedule:

​Wednesday, June 23: LMT @ Bustleton
Monday, June 28: BYE
Wednesday, June 30: LMT @ Oreland
Wednesday, July 7: Winchester @ LMT
Monday, July 12: Richboro @ LMT​​
Wednesday, July 14 LMT @ Brookside

Wednesday, July 21: CHAMPS for 8U & 9-11: @ Winchester

Friday, July 23: CHAMPS for 12-14 & 18U: @ Richboro

Dive meets are held on Monday and Wednesday evenings in late June and throughout July (a total time period of approximately 3-4 weeks).  Each team will compete with each of the other teams in their division. Teams will dive against each other once. Boys and girls participate in the same meets, although participate in different individual events.

Diver check- in is at 5pm for home meets and 5:45pm for away meets. Meets begin at 6:30 and usually last approximately 2 hours.

Parents are responsible for getting the children to the appropriate pool complex prior to the warm-up time designated by the coaches.

Each team may enter a total of 24 divers, 12 male and 12 female. Each team is permitted 3 scored ("official") divers per age group, per event.  If there are not 3 divers in attendance from an age group, a qualified diver from the next youngest group may dive in this older group, in addition to their own age group.

Meets usually are not canceled unless there is a consistent pattern of lightning or thunder or very heavy rain, which would close the pool. If lightening, thunder, and/or rain is happening before or on the way to a meet, proceed to the meet. Sometimes a delayed start may occur, and LMT would risk a forfeit if all team members are not present. If a cancelation is made prior to 4pm, you will be notified by phone or email.

Divers are encouraged to practice good sportsmanship at all times. The coaches strongly urge all divers to stay until the end of their meet to help cheer for fellow teammates and help with clean-up chores.

Dual Meet Events - Diving
Girls 8 & Under
Boys 8 & Under
Girls 9, 10, 11
Boys 9, 10, 11
Girls 12, 13, 14,
Boys 12, 13, 14
Girls 15 to 18
Boys 15 to 18