Lower Makefield Township

Swim and Dive Team


D.Q. - Disqualification - when a swimmer is disqualified by a meet Official for a stroke violation, early/false start or inappropriate conduct.

DUAL MEET - Competition between two clubs.

EVENT - Any race defined by age, sex, stroke and distance. May also be a series of dives ‘in one division.

HEAT - A divided segment of an event in which there are too many swimmers to compete at one time.

INDIVIDUAL MEDLEY (IM) - An event in which one person swims a series of specified distances in each of the four competitive strokes: back, breast, butterfly and free.

LANE - The specific area in which the swimmer is assigned to swim, i.e., Lane 1, Lane 2, etc.

LAP - One length of the pool, which is 25 meters or yards. Two laps is 50, four laps is 100 etc.

LBSL - Lower Bucks Swim League, the League in which LMT competes.

LEG - The part of the relay event that is swum by a single team member.

SCRATCH - Withdraw an individual from competition or an event.

SEED - Distribute the swimmers among the required number of heats and/or lanes according to their submitted times. During Invitationals, the swimmers with the slowest times swim in the first heat, and subsequent heats progress to the swimmers with the fastest times.