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Photos from the swim meets are posted under 2022 photos on the website.
There are also general photos of swim and dive practices. 

Before the first practice:

  • Team Suits: Personal Best will be at the LMT to take orders for team suits. They will also have practice suits and other swim accessories such as goggles and fins. Although many kids wear their team suit to practices, it’s not necessary. The more kids that wear team suits to meets, the better! It shows team spirit and helps identify LMT swimmers/divers. If you miss the suit sale, Personal Best will be back at the Mock Meet. However, the logo on the team suit is only available on pre-orders. Orders taken later will not have the logo on the front, but will just be the plain team suit. And if you miss that, the Personal Best store is not too far away—in Bensalem.

  • Goggles:  Swimmers should have at least 1 pair as they often get lost!  We recommend goggles similar to Speedo’s Hydrospex or Vanquisher. And to always have a spare in their swim bag.

  • Swim caps: Swimmers are required to wear LMT swim caps at meets. Swimmers will be given an LMT latex swim cap at the first meet but most swimmers prefer to wear Silicone swim caps. Personalized or non personalized silicone swim caps were ordered if you opted to do so at registration. We may have some extra LMT Silicone caps available for sale for $10 each. It’s recommended that swimmers wear caps at practice, but not required.

  • Fins: All swimmers must bring fins to EVERY practice. Fins should be long blade with closed ankles.  Write your name on them – prominently - with a permanent marker.

  • Spirit Wear:  It’s fun to have clothing that says LMT Swim & Dive Team on it and it shows spirit! We offer lots of styles.

  • Dryland: Either before or after swim practice, the swimmers will warm up/warm down. It is necessary that kids wear or bring sneakers/socks to every practice.


  • The first Dual Swim meets will TBD.

    • Dual Meets are usually held Tuesday and Thursday evenings through the end of July. There are TBD dual meets this year.

    • Invitational Meets will be announced by email and all swimmer can sign up/pay to participate.

    • Swimmers must sign up to participate at dual (and invitational) meets.

      • Sign up is done online and information will come via email.

      • If your swimmer does not sign up for a meet by the deadline, it is assumed your swimmer cannot attend the meet.

  • The first Dual Dive meet Is still TBD. The meet schedule will be posted online.

    • Dive meets are Monday and Wednesday evenings.

Parent Volunteer Job Guidelines

Swim Meets:


# of required volunteer job shifts for swim team families with 1 swimmer: 3

# of required volunteer job shifts for swim team families with 2 or more swimmers: 4

Note: Parents of children participating on both the swim and dive teams will have to work their required volunteer jobs for both teams.

*If you fail to show up to work your volunteer shift, your child will not be rostered for the next meet.

*Once you sign up for a job, you may not make changes. If you cannot work your shift (even if your child’s schedule prevents them from swimming in a meet when you are scheduled to work a volunteer shift), you are still responsible for finding another parent to cover your shift. Changes must be communicated/approved by your squad's Volunteer Coordinator.

*Parents with kids age 10 and Under must work mouse house at least 1 shift per season.


Dive Meets:

Job Sign up opens when meet schedule is announced.

# of required volunteer job shifts for dive team families: 2

Questions? Contact Dive Squad's Meet Director: Beth Gates


Inclement Weather Policy

  • If the pool is open, there will be practice.

  • Do not call the pool or the township building to ask about the status of practice. Look out your window and make the best educated decision you can.

  • In the case of a thunderstorm during practice, a delay may occur until the storm passes. The pool policy is to close after the first thunder or lightning in the area. The pool will reopen 30 minutes after the last thunder or lightning strike.

  • We will not always post updates on the website as the weather changes constantly. Remember, summer storms can be in all different parts of the county at different times and usually pass through quickly!

  • We will try to send text alerts if we cancel practice.