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Photos from the swim meets are posted under 2022 photos on the website.
There are also general photos of swim and dive practices. 

Meet Director Responsibilities


Key people Meet Directors Work with:

  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Head Coach
  • Starters


Before first meet:

Inventory all meet supplies and order more if needed:

  • Strokes & Turns pads
  • Timer pads
  • Place judge pads
  • Lineup change
  • Paper
  • Sharpees
  • Pencils
  • Printer Ink
  • Box supplies
  • Clipboards
  • Stopwatches


Prior to each Home Meet

Sharpen pencils.

Check meet box for supplies.

Touch base with volunteer coordinator to ensure that all jobs are filled for the meet.


Home Meets:

  • Arrive at 5pm.
  • Insures that all parent volunteers are accounted for and signed in (from set up through clean-up). 
  • Hand out instructions/explains jobs to parent volunteers as needed. 
  • Set up check-in area and put up check-in sign.
  • Distribute lineup and meet sheets according to above designations.
  • Help organize Timers Meeting along with the Starter
  • Put Flag up and find someone to sing/play the Star Spangled Banner
  • Make sure swimmer lineups are posted on fence.
  • Make sure all supplies needed are at Head Table
  • Make sure rule book is on table
  • Oversee Set-up Volunteers:
    • Set up Spectator chairs
    • Set up Head Table with at least five chairs set up and tent(s) over it
    • Set up Announcer table w/ microphone setup. Tape down cord
    • Set up Starter System
    • Identify Mouse Houses with Signs
    • Put Flipper board at far corner of pool
    • Rope off/Caution Tape Deck
    • Set up cones at both ends of each lane.


During Home Meets:

  • Make sure Mouse Parents are engaged and bringing their swimmers up for their events
  • Make sure all is running smoothly


End of/After Home Meets:

  • Shortly before meet ends, send a small group of older swimmers to distribute candy to the visiting team.
  • Make sure cleanup volunteers are putting everything away that was set up
  • Get paperwork to the league rep for signature
  • Collect and store stopwatches
  • Collect and store clipboards
  • Plug in the Starter System to re-charge


Away Meets:

  • Arrive at 5:15pm
  • ​Bring the Attache case with supplies (see below)
  • Introduces himself/herself to the host team.
  • Insure that all LMT parent volunteers are accounted for and signed in.
  • Makes sure pool area is all cleaned up before leaving at the end of the night. 


Attache Case Supplies:

·   Stopwatches

·   Pencils, sharp!

·   Lineup change pad for coach

·   Sharpie permanent markers (you may never see them again) for mouse parents

·   Paper clips

·   Tape



1.       If LMT has swimmers in “off” lanes in unofficial heats (even away, odd at home), remind the ready bench volunteers to line up these lanes also. Be sure to tell each volunteer the exact number of the extra lane they’ll be ready-benching for unofficials.

2.       If an LMT swimmer breaks a league record at an away meet, we must report it to the opposing team and remind team officials to fill out paperwork to properly register it with the league.