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LMT Swim Mouse House Instructions


Your Job

  • Have an area for your group to hang out together throughout the meet

      (some parents bring a blanket to designate an area)

  • Write the events for all swimmers on their hand (see below)
  • Get the swimmers to their lanes 3 or 4 events before their swim and check in with lanes ready bench volunteer.


Rules to Make Sure the Kids Know

  • They must stay in the mouse house area
  • They may NOT swim in any other pool


Helpful Hints to Running a Mouse House

  • Wear Red so your swimmers can easily identify you
  • There is a big board next to the pool at LMT that tells you what event and heat the meet is on.
  • Bring a sharpie.
  • Some mouse house parents like to bring games, cards or sport balls (tennis) to keep the kids occupied. This is COMPLETELY up to you.
  • The younger coaches are encouraged to help you out. Always ask for help from parents or the coaches if needed.


Check-In Instructions (begins at 5:30 PM)

  • Check in with the Volunteer Coordinator upon arrival. A paper with the swimmers names and events will be given to you then or as soon as available. Set up your area for your age group so the swimmers know where to gather. Signs (ie: Mouse House 8U Girls ) will be given to you or will be posted.
  • Once your swimmers arrive, make sure they have signed in or checked in with the designated coach.
  • Write (with a sharpie) the swimmers' last names on their shoulder so they can be easily identified.
  • Write the swimmers' events, heat, lane and stroke on their hands in a grid similair to below:































  • The coaches will come over to let you know when they want the kids to warm up. After they are warmed up it is helpful to make sure caps and goggles are with their bags so they can easily be picked up when it is time to line up for their event.


General Meet Information

  • At home meets, our team ALWAYS uses lanes 2, 4, 6 and 8.
  • Swimmers in unofficial heats “2”, “3”, etc, may race in any lane as unofficial heats are not specific to the team’s lanes.  Consult your meet lineup for lane details.
  • At away meets, our team GENERALLY uses lanes 1, 3, and 5 for official (Heat 1) races.



  • Medley Relay
    • The order of strokes are Back, Breast, Fly, Free. For the mouse house kids they will swim one lap of whatever stroke is next to their name on your list for this event. Remind them which stroke they are to swim.
    • Swimmers of  Backstroke or Butterfly should be lined up in their assigned lane on the block side of the pool.
    • Swimmers swimming Breaststroke or Freestyle should be lined up in their assigned lane on the end of the pool without a block.
  • Freestyle Relays
    • These are our last races of the meet
    • Swimmers will be assigned a number 1,2,3,4 symbolizing their position in their assigned lane. Swimmers 1 and 3 start on the block side  / 2 and 4 start on the opposite side


Clean Up

  • Encourage the swimmers to gather their things and clean-up the area.