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LMT Swim & Dive Team Parent Code of Conduct

Parents are vital to the development of young athletes. Whether on deck or helping out as a volunteer, parents must set a positive example. Parents, and adults involved in youth sports, should be models of good sportsmanship and lead by example on and off the playing field.


Below are a few simple guidelines that will help ensure the season will be safe, enjoyable, and competitive.

All parents/guardians with children participating must abide by this Code of Conduct.

I/We agree to support the decisions of the coaching staff and understand that they work hard to evaluate the talent levels of all players and position them where they will contribute the most to the team and while best developing their individual skills.

I/We agree not to deliberately incite or participate in "unsportsmanlike" conduct at any LMT Swim & Dive Team function.

I/We agree that I/we will be called upon for volunteer duties that lend to the successful running of the team.

I/We acknowledge a certain level of individual, group and team discipline is required for the safety of individual participant as well as for the other participants on the team.

I/We acknowledge that all practices and meets have set time frames for arrival and pick up for the children and that I/We are responsible for making arrangements to make sure my child will be properly dropped off or picked up by my designated guardian.

I/We agree not to criticize, belittle, antagonize, berate or otherwise incite the board, volunteers, coaches, team members, pool staff, fans and/or opposing team, coaches, pool staff or fans verbally or by gesture. Action will be taken as follows for any verbal abuse, physical altercations, intimidation and/or any other "unsportsmanlike" conduct:

First offense:
Parent/Guardian/Child(ren) will be removed from the meet or practice.

Second offense:
Parent/Guardian/Child(ren) will be removed for the season.

Third offense:
Parent/Guardian/Child(ren) will be banned from any LMT Swim/Dive team event for the current and following seasons.

Note: the above offenses are considered minimum offenses and can be accelerated and/or modified by the board appointed committee for such offenses​