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Volunteer Coordinator Responsibilities


The Volunteer Coordinator's primary responsibility is to ensure that there are enough parent volunteers filling all the necessary positions so the meet runs smoothly and efficiently. They are also responsible to be familiar with each job so they can give direction/instruction to volunteers.


  • The head coach or team president will give you the team roster (gold or blue squad)
  • Write a welcome "letter" to the parents on your squad through team unify. To be included in the communication:
    • Introduction of yourself, your role and contact information
    • Expectations of the parents (3 volunteer jobs if one swimmer in the family, 4 jobs if two or more swimmers in the family) and the consequence of not fulfilling the required number.
    • Overview of the various job opportunities
    • Upon coming to the swim meet to check in with the volunteer coordinator
    • That the job sign-up does close two days prior to the date of the meet
  • Monitor the job sign-up for each meet and reach out in an email or to specific parents if need to fill the jobs.


At Swim Meets

  • Arrive early Help the coaches and Meet Director in setting up the pool, head table, team area, etc.
  • Check in volunteers as they arrive at the meet and pass on anything that they need to do their job such as clipboards, stop watches, pencils, etc.
  • During the meet, check on the volunteers to see if they need water, bathroom break, new pencil, in other words, help in any way.
  • At the end of the meet, help collect all items such as stop watches.


Additional Information

  • Keep a record of how many jobs each family has fulfilled throughout the season.
    • Then you will know which families to reach out to as jobs need filling.  Discuss any concerns with the head coach as they are often circumstances that they are privy to.
  • You will be asked to help enforce the “no job” / “no swim” rule
  • Be aware of who is good at what job, who is reliable, who is willing to help other parents - they will become invaluable contacts.
  • Remember to THANK the volunteers. Yes it is expected of them but everyone likes to be appreciated.
  • Assist the meet director in keeping supplies filled and in good order.


This job is a great way to meet all the families, be part of the fun, and support your swimmer.