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Volunteer Jobs – Dive Meets



  • Parents of children participating on both the swim and dive teams will have to work their required volunteer jobs for both teams.
  • Working the Mock Meet is in additional to the above.
  • Parents who have divers competing in an Invitational Meet must volunteer at that meet.

A listing of the various jobs involved in each meet and a brief description of what entails can be found below:

CLEAN UP (Home-1) - Purchase 1 bag of candy and bring to meet. Designate divers to pass out candy to participants at meet end. After meet ends, help return all tables and score cards to Swim Office and return portable PA system to the main pool/lifeguard office.  Check for and dispose of any trash in area, return chairs to original locations.  Check for any items left by divers, bringing to next day practice.  Get pool manager on duty or meet director to approve condition of dive area before leaving.   This job requires you to be the last LMT member to leave.  First year parents are given priority on this job.  This job is perfect for Dad to get involved in as some lifting/carrying of tables required. Returning families are asked to fill other jobs first.  

CLEAN UP (Away–1) After meet ends, help enforce host team's pool rules to LMT spectators, make certain area is left in same condition as when arrived,   Thank host pool management for hosting event.  Check for and bring any LMT items left behind to next day practice.  This job requires you to be the last LMT team member to leave.  First year parents are given priority on this job.  Returning families are asked to fill other jobs first.


JUDGES (3-home/ 2-away) -  Sit on pool deck and judge dives by holding up score cards after each dive.  Experience or training required. A training clinic will be held pre-season.  If a trainee requests, they may sit on deck behind judges during one meet for training.  If you have judging experience, training sessions may be waived at the discretion of the head coach.


JUDGE TRAINEE -  (1-home) Sit behind judges during a meet and judge on paper without having your scores be announced.  Compare your scores with the judges.  During breaks discuss with the LMT judges any questions/discrepancies. 


MEET DIRECTOR - (1- All meets) –  Oversee set up of tables, PA system, table workers and judges.   Secures all required signatures on paperwork and emails next day to LBSL VP of Diving. Also makes certain LMT workers at away meets are present.   Training Required.


ANNOUNCER (1-Home meets only) – Announce Divers/dives and scores during the meet and meet results. Work with Meet Director to solve any problems during the meet.  Training or experience required.

SET-UP (2-Home meets only)  –   Bring tables and score cards from team office to poolside.  Arrange chairs for spectators.  Get the portable PA system from the main Pool/lifeguard office and set up. Help Meet Director/announcer during set up as needed including obtaining volunteer divers to hold American Flag (one from each team) and sing National anthem.
Volunteer in slot 2: Supply approx. 30 bottles of water on ice in cooler and distribute during meet to workers. Both workers must arrive at 5pm.

TABLE WORKERS  (3-home/ 2-away) - A breakdown of Table worker jobs listed below.  There are no rules as to which team supplies which table worker
Table worker 1 – Record scores as read by Announcer.  Cross out highest and lowest score
Table worker 2 – Totals scores of dive.
Table worker 3 – Multiply total score by dive degree of difficulty
Table worker 4 – Total up divers scores, compiles running tally of score sheets.  Completes final results
All table workers MUST report to table at 5:15pm (Home Meets) or 5:45 (Away Meets) and MUST stay at table until final results are completed and approved by meet director in case an audit is required.



In addition to the above jobs, if your diver attends champs, you will be required by the league to work one age group as a table worker.