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Volunteer Jobs – Swim Meets




  • Parents of children participating on both the swim and dive teams will have to work their required volunteer jobs for both teams.
  • Volunteering at the Mock Meet is in additional to the above.
  • Parents who have swimmers competing in an Invitational Meet must volunteer at that meet.


*If you fail to show up to work your volunteer shift, your child will not be rostered for the next meet.

*Once you sign up for a job, you may not make changes. If you cannot work your shift (even if your child’s schedule prevents them from swimming in a meet when you are scheduled to work a volunteer shift), you are still responsible for finding another parent to cover your shift. Changes must be communicated/approved by your squad's Volunteer Coordinator.​

*Parents with kids age 10 and Under must work mouse house at least 1 shift per season 


Any questions? Contact your Volunteer Coordinator:


A listing of the various jobs involved in each meet and a brief description of what entails can be found below:

ANNOUNCER (1-home) - Announces event numbers and the names of all the participants prior to each race and makes other general announcements throughout the meet. Works in conjunction with Starter ref to keep the meet moving. Makes sure PA System is set up before meet and put away at end of meet. Experienced only. Arrives at 6:15pm.


CLEAN-UP (2-home) - Cleans up and puts away scoring tables, ropes and spectator seating on pool deck.  Covers dive blocks. Makes sure pool and grassy area are completely cleaned up and ready for use the next day.  All food and trash needs to be thrown away. Lost and Found items should be put in a bag and left in the pool office and labeled with team and date of meet. Must stay until meet is over, families have gone home, clean-up is complete and Meet Director says it's OK to go.


FLIPPER (1-home) - Keeps everyone up to date on event/heat using flip board. Must pay attention and understand the flow of the meet. Makes sure Flip Board is set up before meet and put away at end of meet. Arrives at 6pm. This job is for a child 13 or older and offers 4 hours of community service signed off by Meet Director.


HEAD TABLE (2-home/1-away) - The Head Table is where all of the behind the scenes action occurs. Results of each heat are taken to the Table where results, DQs, and records are entered into the computer using Hytek's Meet Manager software.  Head Table workers also identify any LMT or League records set during a meet. Experienced or willing to train only. Must arrive 5:15 (home) or 5:30 (away) to get set up and stay at table until end of meet and scoring/reporting is finished.


HEAD TABLE ASSISTANT (2-home) - This person assists the Head Table workers as needed. Scorekeeping, Time Slip Sorting and checking LMT/League Records is included. Should be willing to learn Meet Manager to move into Head Table position in future. Must arrive 5:15 to get set up and stay at table until end of meet.


HEAD TIMER (1-home) - Is the back-up timer in case of timing failures in any lane. Must pay close attention to the start and end of each heat. Arrives at 6pm.


LANE TIMERS (12-home/9-away; 1 in LMT lanes, 2 in opponent lanes) - Three timers are assigned to each lane to time the swimmers in each event. All timers (in a rotation) are required to record the swimmers times on a time slip (in addition to timing). Must pay close attention to the start and end of each heat. Arrives at 6pm.


MOUSE PARENTS (8) - Makes sure that the “8 & Under” and “10 & Under” swimmers know their events and are at the starting blocks at the appropriate time.  Keeps them rounded up in the "Mouse House" (specified grassy area) during meets. Must arrive at 5:15pm, Wear Red Shirt and/or hat. 2 Mouse Parents (at least 1 experienced) needed per male and female age group. All parents of swimmers in the 8& Under or 9-10 age groups must sign up for Mouse Parent at least once per season.


PLACE JUDGE (2-home/2-away) - Determines places for each heat. Arrives at 6pm.


READY BENCH (4-home/3-away; 1 in each LMT Swimmer lane) - 1 Parent is assigned to each lane to check in the swimmers in each event. Using meet sheets, make sure swimmers are in line in the proper lane and with enough time to swim their heat. Arrives at 6pm. Arrives at 6pm.


RUNNER (2-home) - After each heat, collects the timers’ slips from each lane, any disqualification slips from the Strokes & Turns Judge, and the Place Judge’s cards and runs them to the scoring table. Arrives at 6pm.


SET-UP (2-Home) - Sets up scoring tables, lane lines and spectator seating before each meet. Ropes off deck areas which are off limits to parents and swimmers during the competition. Sets up/takes down flag and brings music for National Anthem.  Must arrive at 5pm.


STARTER/REFEREE (1-home) - The chief official of the meet. Initiates every event using an electronic starter. Signs the meet sheet at end of meet.  Makes sure Starter System (including wiring) is set up before meet and put away at end of meet. Requires League training and certification. Arrives at 6pm.


STROKE & TURN OFFICIAL (2-Home/ Away: 1-6 lane pools, 2 L-shaped pools) - Determines that all swimmers are executing the proper starts, strokes and turns as set forth by the LBSL Training and certification needed. All Stroke & Turn Officials must attend a 2 hour training session each pre-season. Arrives at 6pm.





If your child attends Invitational Meets or Champs, you will be asked to provide assistance as needed.


Training Sessions, League Sponsored
To improve the quality of officiating at meets, the L.B.S.L. requires officials to be League sanctioned. The following officiating positions shall require League sanctioning: Diving Referee, Swimming Starter/Referee, Strokes and Turns Judge, Head Score Keeper and Diving Judges. Sanctioning process is as follows: attending League-sponsored Officials Clinic, obtaining verification of successfully participating as an apprentice official at a minimum of two meets under the supervision of a previously sanctioned official who shall sign off on a League-supplied sanctioning form.

The League will schedule training sessions, and it is in the team’s best interest to have as many parents attend as possible. Even if you do not feel comfortable tackling one of these official positions, these sessions are an excellent opportunity for parents to get exposure to these officiating jobs. LMT hosts a training session early each season.  Check the website schedule for the specific date.