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New Swimmer Evaluations

What is New Swimmer Evaluation?

  • This evaluation is NOT a Swim Team tryout, it's so that the coaches can evaluate for experience level to determine an appropriate lane placement during the first few weeks of practice. It's also an opportunity to have the coaches meet your child!
  • Strokes to be evaluated included freestyle (crawl) and backstroke. If your child can swim breast stroke and butterfly, he/she will be asked to swim those strokes.  

If your swimmer cannot display that they meet the minimum team requirements at this evaluation, they will not be able to swim on the team and their registration fee will be refunded.


When is New Swimmer Evaluation?

A 2022 Swimmer Evaluation Date will be held on Tuesday, May 31st from 6:00-7:00.  All Swim Evaluations will occur at the LMT Competition Pool. Please come at any time during the above timeframe (but not after 6:50pm). We will take swimmers in the order they arrive so please come early and be ready to get in the pool.

Who should attend New Swimmer Evaluation?

Any new swim team member ages 6-18 yrs meeting the minimum requirements of the swim team as follows:

  • Completing one length of a 25 meter pool crawl stroke, unassisted. Crawl stroke is a racing stroke in which the swimmer propels across the pool flat on his stomach, face in the water (except while taking a breath), using alternating overhand strokes, while legs are moved up and down at the same time alternately. (Freestyle, not perfectly!)
  • Completing one length of a 25 yard pool on their backs, unassisted. (Not perfectly!)
  • 5 year olds will be considered for membership if they can complete the above requirements as well as have a maturity level appropriate for team membership.

*If your child has swam on another competitive swim team in the past year and attended at least a few meets, you do not need to attend an evaluation session. Please inform us upon registering if this pertains to your child. 


Do you need to register your child for the Swim Team / Developmental in order to attend the New Swimmer Evaluation?

  • YES

Do you need to register your child for New Swimmer Evaluation?

  • NO


  • Parents: Do not register your child if he/she is not comfortable with the minimum requirements listed above.
  • There is no evaluation session for new members of the dive team.