Lower Makefield Township

Swim and Dive Team

Team Options

We have 3 Team Options:


#1: Swim- Competitive

The LMT Swim Team (GATORS) has 2 competitive swim squads as follows:

  • Gold Squad (LBSL Red Division-Competes at dual meets)
  • Blue Squad (LBSL White Division-Competes at dual meets)

Swimmers must attend a minimum of 3 dual meets; 
Invitational meets are optional but encouraged. 
Swimmers must sign up online and OPT IN to attend each dual meet
If a swimmer is a no-show at a meet, they cannot swim the next meet

Note: Having 2 competitive swim squads enables our children to have competitive opportunities with children on other teams with similar skills. The "Gold" and "Blue" squad schedules are set based upon the prior year’s standings. Movement between each of the League’s three divisions ensures each team will enjoy a high level of competition.

Parents are expected to work the required # of dual meet volunteer shifts AND
Parents are expected to work a shift at any invitational meet in which their swimmer participates.

Guidelines for Squad Placement are based on Times swam at the Mock Meet.

The Head Coach will use his/her discretion in making team assignments. The following factors will be among those considered as part of the team assignment process:

  • Athlete times.
  • The top 3-5 fastest swimmers in each event may be placed on the Gold Squad, next 3-5 fastest swimmers on the Blue Squad; balance of swimmers will be placed to balance squads. Coach discretion will apply.
  • Siblings will be kept together on the same squad. The fastest sibling usually determines on which squad the siblings are placed.
  • Swimmers can only qualify as a Top 3-5 (or any tier) swimmer in 2 events.
  • Breast Stroke & Butterfly have a stronger influence on team placement.
  • An athlete’s prior competitive experience.
  • The number of swimmers in an age group and on the team.
  • The opportunity for older swimmers to gain experience as peer leaders for their teams.
  • The balance of the swimmers will be randomly assigned to teams at the coach’s discretion. We will try to keep people who don't qualify in the top 12 in any event on the same squad from year to year but we can't promise anything since we need to split the squads into even numbers.

We are sorry but special requests for specific squads will not be accepted.

Note: Swim squad assignments may change from year to year.

Due to League requirements, no child can change teams or swim in more than one squad in the same season.

#2: Swim- Recreational

Recreational swimmers will only practice, not compete. Swimmers will not participate in Time Trials, Dual Meets or Invitational meets. No parental job shifts required. There is no price discount for Recreational Swimmers.

Swimmers that choose the "Rec" option cannot change their minds to move to a competitive squad after the Mock Meet.

Swimmers on all squads practice together with the whole coaching staff.

#2: Dive

Divers are encouraged (but not required) to dive in Dual Meets. Divers are required to dive in at least 2 Dual Meets to be eligible for end of season (optional) Champs invitational meet. Parents are expected to work the required # of volunteer shifts for dual meets and at any invitational meet in which their diver participates.