Team Options

We have 3 Team Options:


#1: Swim- Competitive

The competitive option requires swimmers to compete at Dual Swim Meets. For 2021, there are 5 dual meets scheduled. LMT is in the White Division of Lower Bucks Swim League. (LBSL)

Swimmers must attend a minimum of 3 dual meets. They are on either Tuesday or Thursday evenings.
Invitational meets are optional but encouraged. 
Swimmers must sign up online and OPT IN to attend each dual meet. The events that your child swims are selected weekly for each meet by the Coaching staff.
If a swimmer is a no-show at a meet, they cannot swim the next meet. 

Parents are expected to work the required # of dual meet volunteer shifts AND
Parents are expected to work a shift at any invitational meet in which their swimmer participates.


#2: Swim- Recreational

Recreational swimmers will only practice, not compete. Swimmers will not participate in Time Trials, Dual Meets or Invitational meets. No parental job shifts required. There is no price discount for Recreational Swimmers.

Swimmers that choose the "Rec" option cannot change their minds to move to a competitive squad after the Mock Meet.

Swimmers on the rec squad practice together with the competitive squad.

#2: Dive

Divers are encouraged (but not required) to dive in Dual Meets. Divers are required to dive in at least 2 Dual Meets to be eligible for end of season (optional) Champs invitational meet. Parents are expected to work the required # of volunteer shifts for dual meets and at any invitational meet in which their diver participates.