Lee Graham Swim Team

2022 Summer LG Swim Team Reps

Kathleen Wilson

Erin Yeh

The (Northern Virginia Swim League (NVSL) Team Representatives fulfill an important role as the main point of contact between our team and the NVSL.  They attend pre-season league seeding meetings, handle meet scheduling, hire coaches, serve on the meet seeding committee with the coaches, and represent the team in an official capacity at swim meetings.  These positions are designated prior to the start of the season.  Lee Graham ideally has 2 Team reps per season and a third in shadow for the next season.

B Meet Rep

Laurie Harmer

Camille McCarthy

B Meet Rep(s): Takes responsibility for coordinating with other B meet reps of other teams we compete with. They coordinate with our head coach regarding what events will be swum at B meets and the event order. This person is the main point of contact for setting up B meets.

Winter Swim 2021-22: 

Winter Team Rep:

Camille McCarthy

Winter Head Coach: 

Jason Cervenak

More information on our winter swim program can be found under team info.

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