Lee Graham Swim Team

Fees for the 2022 Full Summer Season (updated 4/28/2022)


Registration fee

Total fees to pay













The registration fee for summer includes one t-shirt and one latex swim cap per swimmer.

Payment Options:

Payment options and instructions will also be outlined as part of registration.  Please note, due to new tax laws we will not be using PayPal this year.

You can:

1) Pay by check made out to Lee Graham Swim Team

2) Pay by credit card via the Team Unify feature during registration.  Paying by credit card will add a 2.9% + $1.00 per transaction credit card processing fee that goes to the vendor (not the team).

Please note: There are no refunds regardless of circumstances.

Additional Fees:

There are no other mandatory fees, but all parents are expected to volunteer throughout the course of the season and may be asked to contribute food or drink to social activities.

Swimmers in the 'A' meets are expected to purchase and wear the team swim suit. You can buy the team suit from Sport Fair.  See the team suit info under Equipment.