Email Communication

Hi Members!


This is one of those good news, bad news situations. I am going to start with bad news-

The Club will not open again this season. The electrical damage, as you know from my previous messages, is extensive. There are repairs needed and inspections needed once the repairs are complete. This just cannot happen this week or even the following week.

Definitely a difficult message to deliver. Lightning is no joke!



Now lets talk about the good news-

SAVE THE DATE – September 12th 5pm to 7pm!!


We are having a cook out ya’ll!! And it’s free for all members. We will be grilling up hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken! We will also be giving away all the left-over Ice Cream, chips and whatever else we had on hand. All items will be first come first served. We have  A LOT – please come!! You don’t even have to stay  grab some food and go if that works best for you!


Where you ask?

the fun will happen on the front lawn (the bathrooms will be accessible).


What should you bring?

Chairs, coolers, picnic blanket, etc…


Its gonna be LIT (maybe that’s a bad choice of words…). We will even have some cool tunes playing


September 12th  5pm to 7pm – see you there!!!


One last thing- thank  you to all of you that have reached out thanking us for our communication and well being during this challenging time. Your patience and understanding is very much appreciated. Your kind words and understanding make delivering this message a bit more bearable