*email to members 11.17.2020


Hello Members!!


Have you missed me? I am certainly missing all of you and all our fun at the Club!


I come bearing some exciting news and a need. Yes, a need from you. I am 100% confident at least one of our great members will be able to help.


First the exciting news:

Taylor Muia has accepted the Head Coaching position for the Lakota Hills Wavemakers.

Josh Murray was a magnificent Head Coach for the Wavemakers for multiple years. We will certainly miss him dearly.

Taylor has been the Assistant Coach for multiple years and we are excited to see her transition into this new role. Did you know that Taylor herself competed as a Wavemaker!! Pretty cool-


Now the need:

We are in search of a Pool Manager. Since Taylor is taking the new role of Head Coach this leaves a vacancy for the Pool Manager.

Surely, YOU know someone that would be interested in this role!

Here is the ask:

-Think through your friends and contacts. Who do you know that would be interested in this opportunity?

-Share our need on Social Media. I mean, everyone uses some type of Social

-Send all those interested to Bob Heinecke, the HOA/Pool Board President.

            [email protected]

-Or send Bob the name and contact information and he will reach out to them


If you would like more information surrounding the responsibilities and expectations for the Pool Manager, please reach out to Bob for more info.


Thank you in advance for your help!


How to contact a board member:

If you have any questions about the pool please remember to go to the website (click here) and hit the contact us button at the bottom of the page. This will send your message to multiple board members and someone will get back to you.

*we do not check the Facebook or the phone messages frequently in the off season.

Swim Club Updates

Exciting news! The Swim Club is getting some upgrades for the 2020 season. 

-Fencing is being reinforced and fresh coat of stain is being applied

-The Arch way at the entrance has been fixed and repainted

-The pool lines and stair steps have been painted

-The large section from the diving boards to the pavilion entrance will be replaced by May 20th

The mamangement team and guards have been working on landscaping and general pool cleaning to be sure we are ready when we get the green light to open.