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HOLA Members-

Pool Opening:

Membership fees are due by May 15th.

Like a couple days from now….just saying – get to payin’

The Club will open on Memorial Day weekend. First day: Saturday May 29th (10-9)



If you need detailed direction on how to do this, please visit the website.

Tell your friends too. We still have some memberships available.


We know many of you have asked for confirmation of your membership. Please know this: if your check has been cashed or you have paid with Credit Card you are IN!! Approved as a member.

We are working on getting all welcome emails to you. For now:



If you would still like additional confirmation, please email Marshall @ [email protected]



(Swim Lessons):

The tough decision has been made for this season. We will NOT be offering swim lessons. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Who wants to PARTAY (private that is)??

Here’s the tea (is that still a thing?) unlikely- LOL

Parties can happen this year – can I get a HOLLA? Also probably not a thing


During club open hours (10 or 12 to 9 pm)  - max partiers 20. 3 hour max

After hours (after 9pm) – up to capacity and social distancing rules apply.

            *hours: 9 -11 or 9-midnight. Noise ordinance laws must be followed at 11pm

Please note:

-fees apply for both (during or after hours)

-all  parties must be approved at least 10 days in advance

-all parties are subject to approval and dependent upon staffing

-NO parties during hours on Saturdays and Sundays


How do I set up a party date and time or ask more questions?

            -email John, the Club Manager:  [email protected]

                        -info needed:

Name of person hosting party

Date and Time requested for party

Names of all guests who will attend


Who wants to PARTAY publicly?? - I mean all of us together like we used to

Yes party people----events are BACK this season. We are still working through the details and our events may look a little different than the past  – they will happen!

Stay tuned-


We need a worker bee-

In search of an Electrician!  Who do you know? We would like to have some work done prior to opening. Please email the Pool Manager, John with the info: [email protected]


It is not too late to become a Wavemakers (swim team):

Become a stronger swimmer, stay in shape during the off-season of other sports, have a summer routine, make new friends and have fun  

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at [email protected]

Learn more at




There are pool rules people. I know, what the heck? Rules?? Who made those?

You know what the 4th one is?

Members who baby sit children who are non-members must follow the guest policy.

*unless they are a full-time sitter/nanny, these individuals can be added to your membership.


Click here to see them-



Amy Swan