How to Submit Meet Databases

Meet Databases must be sent in electronic form for inclusion in the HSL web site database.
This document describes step-by-step how to make these result files.

Backing up a database means making a copy of it on a USB thumbdrive and your hard drive(not outlined, but highly recommended).
Backing up your database is extremely important because it protects you from the loss
of your data from accidental cause or from the malfunction of your computer.

It's easy to backup your database and it only takes a couple of minutes.
Just click on File from the Main Menu Bar and then Backup, and specify the USB thumbdrive: drive.
That’s It! Your entire database will be copied onto that USB thumbdrive, ready for emailing.
First, put a USB thumbdrive in the computer.

Go to File from the Main Menu Bar and then Backup.

You will then see this screen.
Save the file to a location of your choice (Default is A:\). Then click OK.

Click on No, you don't need to input a message.

Just click OK. It is vital that the file is Zipped because e-mailing can corrupt un-Zipped files making them useless.

After the export is complete, go to the location of the zipped file (Default is A:\).

If at all possible submit meet results via email at the end of the meet to [email protected] and copied to [email protected] If it is impossible to submit results at the end of the meet all results must be submitted by the following deadlines.

  1. Sunday 9 am for Saturday meets
  2. Thursday 9 am for Wednesday

Files not submitted by the deadline or with incorrect formats will be considered late and the responsible team will be assessed a penalty (points and/or fines).