How To Prepare Team Manager Athlete Entries

These tips are offered to help your Team Manager migrate perfectly to the Host Team's Meet
Manager files and the on-line Top-Times database.

  • Do not enter a Suffix such as Jr. or III or IV after a name.

  • Do not put a period after the middle initial.

  • A swimmer's legal name must be entered. If they do not give you a middle name or initial - you need to verify that they do not have one.
    If they don't have one, leave your entry box blank where it calls for middle initial.

  • Check to see that the birth date you entered produces the age that the swimmer has written on the registration form.
    If they do not match - validate the correct birth date with the swimmer or the parent. Don't use the registration form for validation - that is
    actually where most errors are made.

  • Check to see that you have entered the spelling of the name exactly as it is written on the Registration Form - there are many
    different spellings of some very common names.

  • A swimmer with multiple names - example: Mary Anne, Elizabeth, Sutton-Stone 2 first names, a middle name - a hyphenated double
    last name - Please consult with the parents or swimmer and choose 1 first name for your Team manager.  In this case, you cannot change
    the spelling of the legal first names to Marianne just to accommodate the entry. Preferred name can then become Mary Anne - which will
    appear on all Meet entries and results.  (Mary Anne Sutton-Stone). If the middle name is the 2 names there is no problem as you will just be
    entering the first initial anyhow (Mary A Sutton-Stone)

  • Please select the inactive checkbox for any swimmer not currently swimming on the team.