Manheim Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

2022 American Cancer Society Fundraiser

Overlook Swim Team will be raising money for the American Cancer Society through two different events: Penny Wars and Save-A-Life Swim.



Here’s how your swimmer can participate:



When: Wednesday, July 6 through Wednesday, July 13 (during practices)

How: Each age group will have its own collection container located on the Coaches’ table at practice. Gain points for your age group by adding pennies and bills to your age group’s container. Lower the points for the other age group teams by adding silver coins to their containers.  


Penny: +1 points                Nickel: -5 points

$1 Bill: +100 points               Dime: -10 points

$5 Bill: +500 points              Quarter: -25 points

Prize for the age group with the most points:
Cody swims a lap with each kid from the age group on his back during Fun Friday (7/15)!


Friday, July 15 from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.

The Save-A-Life Swim is an event where swimmers raise money for the American Cancer Society by swimming laps. Swimmers can request donors to pledge per lap or make a flat donation.


Ask your parents, older siblings, grandparents, neighbors, and friends to make a flat donation or sponsor you per lap.


Download the Pledge Form and complete the form for each swimmer participating and be sure to sign the waiver at the bottom. 

  • You may come swim laps anytime during practice from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm. You do not have to come during your age group practice time. Laps can vary from any stroke to dolphin dives across the pool. 

  • Snacks will be provided to energize the swimmers participating.

  • Our goal is to raise $1400.  (This is an average of $10 per Overlook swimmer.)

  • If this goal is reached, all coaches have to jump in the pool fully dressed after our last home meet against Skyline on July 19.

  • The American Cancer Society is also offering incentives to award swimmers for levels of money raised. (Only money raised through the “Save-A-Life Swim” event will count towards these incentives). See the prize sheet listing the incentives.  

All donations will be due by Friday July 22. Please return the Pledge Form, Incentive sheet (with preferred prizes circled) and money in an envelope.  If there are multiple children in a family that want to participate, please put all the donations in one envelope.  Envelopes can be placed in the “Pyott” family folder.

Please contact Brayden Pyott [email protected] with questions.