Manheim Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

One of the most contributory programs is being a swim buddy! 

In this program, older swimmers are matched up with younger swimmers as Buddies to socialize with each other at the pool, help younger buddies prepare for their events and cheer each other on at swim meets. 

How does it work?

At the start of the season we ask older swimmers (11 years and old) to volunteer to become a Big Buddy. We then pair up the older swimmers with younger swimmers. Introductions are made and during the first week of practice.

Ways to Support Your Little Buddy

  • At practice

    • Introduce yourself

    • Meet with your Little Buddy in person and tell them about yourself (how long you’ve been swimming, what you like about swimming, what else you do besides swimming, etc.)

    • Ask your Little Buddy questions: (why do you like to swim, what do you like to do outside of swimming, etc.)

  • At swim meets:

    • Visit your Little Buddy before their event and encourage them 

    • Write a note of encouragement and give before start of the swim meet

    • Create a poster for your Little Buddy (and hold up while on deck during their swim)

    • Cheer your buddy on deck while they are swimming

    • Congratulate your Little Buddy after a swim (if appropriate, offer any advice)

  • Gifts:

    • The Buddy Program is NOT about elaborate gifts! It is about being a supportive teammate and getting to know another Overlook swimmer. However, if you’d like to give your Little Buddy a gift consider:

      • A bottle of water, Gatorade, or juice 

      • Favorite fruit 

      • Favorite candy, cookie or brownie (check for any food restrictions)

  • At social events:

    • Check in in with your Little Buddy, ask them how swimming is going