Worker Job Descriptions:

Dual Meet Instructions - Overview document for operation of an N.K.S.L. meet

Disqualification Code Sheet - codes used to record disqualifications - Updated May 2014 

Diver Judging Criteria - scoring guidelines developed by FINA

FINA ​Degree of Difficulty amended for the NKSL - adopted 2018

Diving Referee Reference Sheet

Alcohol and Tobacco Script - for use before meets to remind workers about NKSL policy


2022 Season Opening Letter and Rules Changes - Important information about the upcoming season.

2022 Employee / Volunteer Disclosure Statement – Every coach and assistant that regularly coaches or works with the athletes should prepare an employee disclosure statement, even if not paid. This form was amended in 2017.

NKSL Volunteer Commitment Form - Teams may use these forms to acquire signed commitments from their parent volunteers.

Parental Waiver & Code of Conduct Form – Every diver & swimmer should have a properly completed and signed Parental Waiver & Release Form on file.  This is to help protect you, your club and the NKSL.  There can be no exceptions to this rule.

Senior Swimmer/Diver List – List of senior divers and swimmer who are declaring 2019 as their last season in the NKSL.  The list should be prepared and given to your league delegate by June 27th this season. The delegates should email this form to the NKSL President by the June 27th deadline.  The list of seniors is needed even if you do not have any seniors writing an essay.

Senior Swimmer/Diver Bio – Each swimmer/diver who is declaring 2019 as their last season in the NKSL should prepare a bio.  The bios are used at during the last home meet (senior night) and at the Champ Meet.

Mike Bresser Scholarship Application – This is the application that needs to be completed by senior divers/swimmers who wish to be considered for the Mike Bresser Scholarship.  The application along with an essay and two letters of recommendation must be completed and emailed to the NKSL President by June 24th this season.

Reporting Results and Important Information to the NKSL – This document will help you understand how to report meet results and other important information to Jerry Wissman.  All teams are required to provide weekly roster updates. The host clubs for diving and swimming competitions are responsible for reporting results.  Please make sure that you report results in a timely manner so that they get posted on the website.

Head Picker Sheet – To be used by the head picker to determine the official finishing order for the first (scoring) heat of each event.