The information below may be helpful to your officials as they prepare for this season. Please click on the link for the document or video you wish to view below.


USA Swimming Official's Video ScriptThis document, which has been adapted from USA Swimming rules, summarizes the basic swim mechanics of each stroke, the individual medley and relays (medley and free relays).  New officials should study this document carefully.  Along with the swim clinic, this narrative should provide the foundation of knowledge needed for the beginning official in the NKSL.

Situations to Test Knowledge - a series of scenarios that may occur during a meet and the action that an official would take in that situation.

NKSL Officials Training Powerpoint - a presentation prepared for and presented at the annual training for NKSL swimming officials.

USA Swimming Official's Videos - A series of YouTube videos that are used by USA Swimming to help train their officials.


Backstroke - Remember the NKSL allows a "non-continuous" turning action.  Unlike the description in the USA Swimming video, after the initiation of the turning action, no additional arm pulls may be started after taking the one single arm pull or simultaneous double arm pull; however, kicking and gliding actions are permitted into the wall if the swimmer needs to make up the distance.  This is an exception to the USA Swimming rules that the NKSL allows.



Individual Medley and Relays

November - 2013 USA Swimming Disqualification Codes