What lesson programs do you offer?
The LSL Sea Lions offer three different levels of lessons based on skill and ability:
Starfish:  This class is for beginning swimmers and will help introduce your child to the water.  This includes activities such as water exploration, bubble blowing, floating and kicking on front/back, bobs, and shallow water recovery of objects.
Stingray:  This class is for intermediate swimmers to build on the skills from our beginning Starfirsh class.  This will include stroke development, front crawl w/proper breathing, water entries, and underwater swimming.
Sea Lion Pups:  This class is designed for competent swimmers that want to build their technique.  It includes further stroke development in all 4 strokes, endurance work, dive entries, turns, and treading water.
Who teaches the lessons?
The LSL Sea Lions have a very successful swim lesson program, taught by Assistant and Swimmer Coaches on from our swim team and is coordinated by our Lesson Coordinator.  Every year swimmers move from our lesson program to become full participants on the swim team. 
Who is eligible to sign up?
Any child age 3 and older may sign up for lessons.  Participants do not need to be a CA member. 
When and where are lessons held?
Lessons are held at the CA pool and run in several different sessions.  Typically there are three 2 week sessions that occur Monday, Wenesday, and Thursday (a total of 6 lessons), and one session on Wednesday evenings (also a total of 6 lessons).  You can select the sessions that work best for you when you register, and can register for multiple sessions. 
I'm not sure which program is the right choice - who can help me?
Swimmers enrolled in a class that is too advanced can be moved to a different class for their session.  In addition, Swim Team coaches may determine within the first two weeks of team practice that some swimmers are  not quite prepared for the swim team.  If this happens, the coaches may make the recommendation to place the swimmer in our swim lesson program - funds from team fees will be applied, and remaining team fees will be refunded if necessary.