How to declare / sign up or decline for a meet
You may sign up for meets via our team website or through the OnDeck mobile app, which can be found in the app stores for Google and Apple.  Below are links with instructions on how to complete a declaration using either platform:

A swimmer can request up to 4 individual events, but those may be adjusted by coaches when building relay teams and filling empty events.  Coaches will not put a swimmer into an event if they are not ready to swim it - coaches see things that we as parents may not, so please help support your swimmer in any and all events where they are placed.  Remember that this will set your child up for success - not failure, so please trust the coaches judgment and encourage your swimmer in any and all events.

Make sure to include notes in the Notes section of your declaration to let coaches know about:

  • Possible schedule conflicts
  • Preferences for specific individual and relay events
  • Goals for breaking a specific record

If you know you cannot attend, please follow instructions to decline the meet.  If not, you'll get several email reminders that will just clog up your inbox and push notifications to your phone!

When do I sign up for the meet?

6 days prior to the meet by midnight.  For a Monday night meet, the deadline is the Tuesday of the prior week.  For a Saturday morning meet (every other season @ Wentzville), the deadline is the Sunday prior.

Why do I have to sign up so far in advance?

Our team is goverened by the rules of the St. Charles County Summer Swim League.  Those rules have specific dates and times that we must have our meet entries ready.  In order to meet those deadlines, we only give our coaches 2 days to put together entries for 200 swimmers and over 100 events.  Their time is split on those days between building the meet and running practices  - this is in order to ensure we are not exceeding budgeted salary costs.  They also have a hard deadline to submit their work to our Webmasters to allow for timely submission of entries according to league rules.

What happens after I sign up?

You should receive an email confirming your declaration - SAVE THIS EMAIL!  In the rare chance of a technical issue where your swimmer does not show up in the meet, we have to have this to prove your sign up.  St. Charles County League Rules do not permit "late adds" into a meet, but most teams will make an exception if there is a technical issue.  Your email is the only way for us to prove this to other teams.

The day prior to the meet, you should receive an email with heat sheets - make sure to look these over for your swimmers events, including the addition of relays.  The OnDeck app will show individual events, but will not show relays (it's a limitation of the app).

Why am I in different events that what I picked?

Coaches have a lot of factors to consider when building a meet of 100 events for 200 swimmers, when each swimmer can only participate in a total of 4 events.  Not everyone can swim the 25 Free event - the coaches work hard to balance the requests of each swimmer, the ability of each swimmer, and the overall structure of the team in the meet.  If your events change, please remind your swimmer that the coaches know they can do it, and that the team needs them to fill the spot.

Uh oh, I signed up but can't go anymore.  What do I do?

If you have signed up and for any reason are no longer able to attend, please contact the team immediately!  Please click the button below to send a message to all the appropriate team members.