What should I do the day of the meet to prepare?

Hydrate, eat well, and try to rest a little if you can.  Most meets are long and HOT...but lots of fun!  There is a practice available Monday mornings of meet days.

What time should I arrive?

You can find warm-up times and meet start times within the details of the meet event, either on our website or in the OnDeck app.  Make sure to map the distance, and make sure to arrive early to ensure parking and seating at the pool area - we recommend no later than 15 minutes prior to warmups.  Remember, 150+ swimmers from each team and their families will all be there looking for a space to park and set up!

Warmups begin 30 minutes before the start of the meet.  These are important to get muscles ready to race and to help your swimmer acclimate to the pool, starting blocks, stroke counts, etc.  Warmups help your swimmer feel more confident and ready when the meet begins.  Warmups are NOT optional - they are important to help swimmers prepare.

ALL SWIMMERS MUST CHECK-IN BEFORE WARMUPS BEGIN.  In order to ensure we have our relay teams in place and that volunteers have current meet information, we need all swimmers to check-in at our tent before warmups begin.  Swimmers who do not check in on time will be replaced in relay events.

Adult volunteers should check in with the volunteer coordinators - they can be found at the swimmer check-in tent.

What should I bring?

Be sure to wear your team suit and swim cap for meets!  Bring along an extra pair of goggles, a towel or two, sunscreen - and at least one Sharpie marker.  Writing the event info on your swimmers arm (especially the littles) helps everyone, including the volunteer meet workers, get kids to the right place during the meet.  Here's an example of what to write on their arm:

  • 22 25 Fly H2 L5:  Child swimming in Event #22 Boys 7-8 25 Yard Fly in the 2nd heat in lane #5:  
  • 9 Mix Rly #2 H3 L2:  Child swimming in Relay Event #9 6&Under Mixed Relay, 3rd heat in lane #2 and 2nd leg/swimmer of the 4 on the relay team:  

You may want to bring a printed copy of heat sheets, or have an electronic copy accessible on your phone for reference.

Every pool has different rules on what can be brought in (such as coolers), so please check the details for each meet. Some swimmers like to have a blanket to stretch out on the ground, while adults may prefer lawn chairs.  Swimmers will have plenty of down time between events, so bring along some card games, books, or other fun things to pass the time with friends.

Please bring money for the concession stand, especially at home meets, as the money from that helps support our team!

What happens at the meet?

After checking in your swimmer and setting up a place to sit, confirm your events and relays.  Most pools will post a copy of the heat sheets. Look for any communication on changes due to last minute scratches - sometimes your swimmer may get pulled into a relay!  

Watch and listen for events to be called to the bullpen.  It is important that all swimmers report in a timely fashion to keep the meet moving.

How do I find out results?

Results will be posted at the meets - look for paper copies taped up to a wall near the scoring table.  Results may or may not be posted "real-time" through the OnDeck app, as most pool locations don't have strong enough internet capabilities to support it.

Results will also be emailed to our team and will be pushed to the OnDeck app & Team Unify webpage as soon as they are validated - typically some time the next day.

I'm having a problem at the meet - who can I ask for help?

If you are in need of any assistance (my kid missed an event, a time is wrong, etc.) please bring those to any LSL Board Member or LSL League Representatives.  Please do not approach the Data Entry (Computer) table or volunteers of the opposing team - this is a rule set by the League.

If you're still not sure, ask any veteran swim parent on our team for help - we all remember our rookie seasons, and are always happy to help!