What is a swim team?
The quick answer is that a swim team is a group of swimmers that train and compete together in swim meets.  But a swim team is more than just swimmers - being on a swim team teaches some great life skills including dedication, support, and mentorship.
Why join a swim team?
Here are a few great reasons to join a swim team!
Spend time with your friends
It's easy to get kids to commit to spending time with their buddies during the summer!
Learn competition in a friendly environment
Summer swim is often also called "rec(reational) swim".  Our team has a mixture of kids who swim competitively year round, and others who just enjoy swimming with their friends in the summer.  This is a great place to introduce new swimmers to less-intense competition, and also to rejuivnate those year-round swimmers in a fun and supportive envorinment.  
Learn Water Safety
Ask any parent on the team just how quickly kids will improve their technique and confidence in the water - it's amazing what happens in our short season.  Having a competent swimmer helps improve their skills, which also keeps them safer in any body of water, not just a pool.
Feelings of Accomplishment and Recognition
Our team works hard to help each swimmer improve and recognize their accomplishments throughout the season.  Not only do swimmers receive ribbons when they place 1st-6th in an event, they will also receive them for getting a "Personal Best" for improving their time, and our youngest swimmers receive Participation ribbons for each swim event they complete.
Isn't swimming an individual sport?
Yes and no.  While each individual swimmer works hard all season to improve times individually, these improvements come together to help in team relays and overall team scores.  It allows kids to focus on individual improvements while being part of a team.