Sea Lion Parents Code of Conduct

  1. I will encourage my swimmer at both practice and meets.
  2. I understand that summer swim is about growing a love for the sport while learining the lifelong skill of swimming. 
  3. I understand that coaches are working with all swimmers to teach proper technique, and I will not enter onto the pool deck nor will I "coach" my child(ren) from the pool area.
  4. I understand that my child(ren) are here to learn valuable swim technique, but are also here to have FUN!
  5. I will always treat the families, coaches, and volunteers with respect.  
  6. If I have any question, issue, or concern with any aspect of the swim team or lessons, I will raise these to the appropriate members of the swim board or coaching staff in a civil manner, whether it is in-person or via e-mail or text.