Practices begin after the end of the school year.  Starting in early February, you can find the current season schedule here.  The first practice will be held for new swimmers, then all subsequent practices are open to both new and returning swimmers. 
Practices are organized by age group, and t here will generally be 8 practice times per week for each age group.   We encourage a minimum of 3 practices per week, although swimmers may attend as many as they wish.
We hold 7 meets per season - one intersquad meet and 6 regular season meets.
Our first intersquad meet is called Blue & Gold, and is only open to LSL Sea Lions.  It will simulate a regular season meet, and each swimmer, depending on age, will swim either a 25 or 50 distance in every stroke for which their age group is eligible.  This is very important to get our coaches current times for swimmers before our first meet - times change a lot from one season to the next!
We will have 6 regular season meets - 3 at our LSL CA pool, and 3 at other pools in the St. Charles County area.  
Attendance at all meets is expected - but please know that the coaches do understand that it is summer, and that due to camps, and vacations it may not be possible. 
Volunteer Requirments (For Adults)
Each family is required to volunteer for four 1/2 meet sessions - this can be done by working 2 entire meets, or broken up into 1st half/2nd half of different meets.  Once you have submitted your registration and payment is processed, you will be able to sign up for the jobs required for each meet (both home and away).  You can select any job and time that works for your schedule.
If you are unable to work as scheduled, you must find your own replacement and notify the volunteer coordinators.  Anyone who does not fulfill volunteer responsibilities will have their volunteer depost cashed on a prorated basis.  Below is a list and description of the various volunteer jobs:
Volunteer Job Description
Stroke Judge Each meet has 4 stroke judges per half.  These individuals watch the swimmers to determine if they are swimming each stroke within regulation.  This position requires a 1.5 - 2 hour online stroke judge clinic to be certified.  Dates of these are communicated in early spring.  This is a very important job - and gives you a great view of the pool for the entire meet!
Data Entry Enters time information into the team computer, scores events, and posts events for teams to view during the meet.  This job requires training on using the TouchPad software system.
Data Entry Assistant Assists the Data Entry person in organizing and entering times from the timer sheets at the meet
Scoring/Ribbon Table Works at the Data Entry table to organize and verify times on timer sheets at the meet
Bullpen Helps line up swimmers in the bullpen area and get them to the correct lanes and heats on deck and to the blocks
Timer Uses stopwatches to keep times for swimmers in an assigned lane
Runner Takes the completed time sheets from the timers to the Data Entry/Scoring table
Hospitality Home meets only.  Works in the concession area and supplies drinks to all the volunteer workers/coaches at the meet.  This job is mostly air-conditioned
Ribbons Attaches labels to ribbons the morning after the meet.  
Grillers Home meets only.  Set up and grill meat for concession stand.  Must work all 3 home meets - first half only.
Questions about volunteer jobs can be submitted to our Volunteer Coordinators
Volunteer Requirments Buy Out Option
If you are unable to work, we do offer a volunteer buy-out option.  This option costs $180 and covers our senior gift expenses.  We only offer 10 of these spots on a first-come, first-served basis based on receipt and processing of payment for registration.