Sea Lions Code of Conduct

As a Lake St. Louis Sea Lion athlete, I recognize and agree to the following Code of Conduct at all times while representing the Lake St. Louis Swim Team:

I will:

  • Offer congratulations to my opponents, win or lose, and cheer my teammates
  • Act and conduct myself with dignity and with respect for others and the property of others
  • Dress in a manner suitable to my position as a representative of the Sea Lions
  • Be humble in victory and courageous in defeat
  • Always teach and practice good sportsmanship
  • Be a responsible goodwill ambassador between the sport of swimming and the public
  • Promote positivie high team spirity and morale
  • Cultivate in myself and encourage in all team members the virtues of patience, courage, justice, and sincerity
  • Strive to do my best and encourage all team members to do the same
  • Deal justly, kindly, impartially, and intelligently with all of my fellow team members

While taking part in any LSL Sea Lion function:

  • I will not cause physical harm or threaten physical harm to a fellow team member, coach, or parent
  • I will not possess, use, or be under the influence of alcoholic beverages, chemical, or illegal drugs
  • I will not behave in a manner that in the opinion of the coaches or team representatives is contrary to normally accepted behavior

I understand that violating any of these may cause me to be sent home at my parents expense and subjects me to dismissal from the team.  The Code of Conduct remains in effect as long as I am a member of the LSL Sea Lions Swim Team.