Practices will be held in light rain.  If the weather is severe, practice will be cancelled.  All attempts will be made to notify families as quickly as possible.  If severe weather is approaching, or current weather is threatining, please DO NOT drop off swimmers without confirming that practice is continuing as planned.  The CA has no indoor facilities to hold a dry-land practice.

Cancellations will be posted on our team Facebook page, and push notifications/emails will be sent through OnDeck/TeamUnify.  Please ensure your contact information is up to date to receive these updates.


Per the St. Charles County Summer Swim League Bylaws:

Section 2.E Lightning Delay/Cancellation: League representatives’ call. If the teams have completed more than ½ of the meet event, it will be considered an official meet. The teams may reschedule a makeup meet for incomplete meets by agreement of both league representatives. Makeup meets will restart from event #1 or, by agreement of both league representatives, be restarted from the last completed event. New swimmers on the roster at the time of the restart can swim in the makeup meet. If a mid-meet restart is used, no swimmer can swim more than the total events normally allowed in a meet.