CCC Swim Team Handbook



The Conestoga Country Club (CCC) Swim Team (The Crocs) began in 2021 with the purpose of providing a competitive and recreational summer swim program for our club members. The mission of the Conestoga Country Club Swim Team is to Improve the appeal of the club by offering more club-based activities for the youth that lead into High School and Club team athletics. While building relationships at the club and involving parents, our goal is to create leadership roles that older swimmers can develop.

The Crocs are a summer only (May-July) recreational Division III swim team that competes in the Lancaster Summer Swim League (LSSL). Our season consists of Dual Meets, Invitational Meets and Championship Meets. The different types of meets allow our swimmers to challenge themselves with a variety of events and distances while competing against swimmers in all divisions of the LSSL.

Registration Policies

  1. All children and grandchildren of current Golf, Social or Dining Member of Conestoga Country Club are eligible to join.
  2. Swimmers must be able to swim 25 meters in deep water, without stopping.
  3. Swimmers must be 5 years old as of June 1st.
  4. Swimmers must complete the registration form through TeamUnify.
  5. Registration fees will be posted by January (or when the first Parent Meeting will be).
  6. Registration will be open from First Parent Meeting (TBD) until June 1st
  7. Registration fees may be refunded up to the first scheduled practice.
    1. Refund requests should be directed to the current Parent Board President or Head Coach

Team Policies


  1. Be on Time: Practice will start right at
    1. 8:30 AM for all Swimmers in the Open, 14 and 12 & Under Age Group 
    2. 9:30 AM for all Swimmers in the 10 and 8 & Under Age Group
    3. Practices will be held Monday-Thursday, with no practice on Friday.
  2. Weather: Practice is held rain or shine, and coaches will determine cancelation if need be and notify parents.
  3. The Baby Pool/Basketball Court area is off limits for any children at the time of swim practice.
  4. Swim team practices are for members of the swim team only.
  5. Swimmers are expected to practice at the time assigned to their age group.
  6. Swimmers are expected to provide their own googles and towel.
  7. Swimmers are expected to leave the pool deck as they found it, clean and tidy.

Swim Meets

  1. Each team should supply officials as designated below:
    1. Two timers on each lane (one from each team)
    2. Two stroke and turn judges (one from each team)
    3. Home Stroke and turn official will be on the side of the pool that corresponds with the visiting teams fastest swimmer and the visiting official will be on the side with the home teams fastest swimmer.
    4. One head timer/recorder (home team)
    5. One starter (home team).  The starter may also act as the meet referee if he can witness all finishes.
    6. One referee (home team)
    7. Two finish judges (one from each team)
      1. Visiting team finish judge will be on the same side as the official 
  2. Coaches are required to complete the online “Meet Entry” process for each swim meet by the deadlines listed below:
    1. Dual Meets – By 5:00 PM the day of the Meet (All changes to any roster must be date stamped one week prior to any meet during the progress of the season). All teams are limited to 3 entries in a 6-lane pool or 4 entries in an 8-lane pool.
    2. Divisional Championship Meets – Entries close 8:00 PM Friday, one week prior to the date of the Divisional meet.
  3. The swimmers age as of June 1 determines the age group they will compete in for the duration of the summer per LSSL rules. Swimmers may not compete in the league after the summer following their graduation from high school.
  4. Swimmer events for Dual Meets and Invitationals will be assigned by the coaching staff.
  5. The coaching staff will determine the swimmer order for all relay events.
  6. Swimmers must participate in at least two dual meets to be eligible for the Divisional and League Championship Meets.
  7. Swimmers will sit together as a team during all swim meets.
  8. Swimmers should remain in the pool area during the meet.
  9. Swimmers are expected to stay for the entire meet UNLESS the coaching staff has been notified.
  10. If your swimmer will be leaving before the meet concludes you are required to notify the coach by email 24 hours in advance of the meet.
  11. Swimmers are not allowed to be in the water unless they are competing; doing so may result in forfeiture of the swim meet.
  12. Coaches and Timers are the only adults allowed behind the starting blocks.
  13. Parents and spectators should watch from the sides of the pool.
  14. Swimmers are asked to leave the pool deck as they found it, clean and tidy.

Swimmer and Parent Conduct

As a member of the Lancaster Summer Swim League, we follow the league code of conduct which states:

“LSSL requires all sports Officials to enforce the sportsmanship rules for Coaches, Contestants and Spectators. Actions meant to demean opposing players, teams, spectators, and officials are not in the highest ideals of summer swimming and will not be tolerated. Let each contest reflect mutual respect.”


Weather Policy

We will follow the Lancaster Summer Swim League policy on weather, the policy states:

“Whatever the weather, swimmers must go to the host pool. The outcome of the meet is determined on-site by the meet officials, unless the meet is cancelled/postponed prior to the meet based on mutual agreement from both teams and officials. WE WILL NOT PERMIT any swimmer in the water if thunder can be heard or if lightning is seen. Swimmers will not be permitted back in the water until at least 30 minutes has passed since the last time thunder was heard or 30 minutes since lightning was seen.”

For any inclement weather affecting practice or meets we will use the Team Unify website to notify families or changes or cancellations.

Team Communication

Summer swim season moves very quickly, to be sure that our families are informed we will use several different channels of communication. Please check them often so that you will not miss out on the fun!

Team Unify Website


  • Swim Team Schedule
  • Practice Times
  • Meet & Event Sign up
  • Meet Results
  • Team & Pool Records
  • Weekly Newsletters
  • Meet entry reminders
  • Changes to schedule
  • Any other information as needed


Required Equipment

  • Competitive Swimsuit: The team suit that is included in the registration fee.
  • Goggles: Swimming goggles are worn to enhance vision and protect eyes from chlorine.

Recommended Equipment

  • Swim Cap: The team cap that is included in the registration fee.
  • Practice Suits: Durable and comfortable one-piece suits or jammers.
  • Kickboard: Will be provided; important for practice drills
  • Fins: Help to increase leg strength and foot flexibility
  • Swim bag: This should be a bag designated specifically to hold your swim gear

Meet Basics

Dual Meet

  • Meets are held on Tuesday & Thursday evenings
  • Meet duration is generally 4 hours including the warmup session
  • Swimmers will be placed in events by the coaches
  • Dual meet events consist of both ‘live’ and ‘exhibition’ heats
  • Swimmers may compete in up to 3 ‘live’ events per swim meet
  • The ‘live’ heat is scored
  • The swimmers who place 1st thru 3rd in ‘live’ heats will earn points
  • An ‘exhibition’ heat is not scored
  • Ribbons will be awarded for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place in all ‘live’ and ‘exhibition’ heats

Invitational Meet

  • Teams can be from any division of the LSSL
  • Meets are generally held on Saturday or Sunday
  • Meet duration can be from 4-7 hours
  • There is a charge for each event the swimmer enters (costs covered by registration fee)
  • The number of events that swimmers may compete will vary by meet
  • Trophies, medals or ribbons will be awarded



Championship Meets

Division III Championship Meet

All League Championship Meet

  • All teams in Division III can compete
  • Any swimmer in Division III can compete
  • Meet takes place on a Saturday
  • Meet duration is 4-6 hours
  • Swimmers may choose their own events
  • Trophies, medals or ribbons will be awarded
  • Team trophies are awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place
  • All teams in the LSSL can compete
  • Relay events take place on Friday evening
  • Any swimmer can compete in relays
  • Individual events take place on Saturday
  • Must meet qualifying times to compete in individual events
  • Trophies, medals or ribbons will be awarded
  • Team trophies are awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place


Meet Necessities

Packing List



  • Team suit, cap, goggles, 2 towels & warm clothes
  • Sunscreen & bug spray
  • Blanket to sit on
  • Cards, coloring book & other fun things to do between events
  • Snacks and/or money for the concession stand
  • Sunglasses and/or hat
  • Sunscreen & bug spray
  • Blanket or portable chair (away meets)
  • Camera
  • Snacks and/or money for the concession stand



Important Times for Dual Meet Swim Meets


Home Swim Meet

Important Times

Away Swim Meet

5:00 pm

Arrival Time

5:15 pm

5:30 pm

Warm Up Time

5:45 pm

6:15 pm

Meet Start

6:15 pm

8:30-9:00 pm

Meet End Time

8:30-9:00 pm





Event Distance by Age Group

Age Group

Individual Event

Relay Event

8 & Under

25 meters

100 meters (4 swimmers x 25 meters)

10 & Under

25 meters

100 meters (4 swimmers x 25 meters)

12 & Under

50 meters

200 meters (4 swimmers x 50 meters)

14 & Under

50 meters

200 meters (4 swimmers x 50 meters)

Open (over 15)

50 meters

200 meters (4 swimmers x 50 meters)



            *For each age group, Girls will compete first followed by the Boys

Event Descriptions

  • Freestyle: Forward facing start. Alternating overarm strokes and a flutter kick.
  • Backstroke: Rear facing start in the water. While on back use alternating overarm strokes and a flutter kick.
  • Breaststroke: Forward facing start. The swimmer is on their chest and the torso does not rotate. The swimmers head must break the surface of the water during each stroke cycle. The arms and legs move under the water in a circular motion.
  • Butterfly: Forward facing start. Swum on the chest, both arms moving symmetrically accompanied by the butterfly (dolphin) kick.
  • Freestyle Relay: A combination of 4 swimmers each swimming one leg of the race using the freestyle stroke.
  • Individual Medley: The swimmer will swim each of the four strokes in the following order: backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke, freestyle. The LSSL only offers this event at Invitational Meets.
  • Medley Relay: A combination of 4 swimmers each swimming one of the four strokes in the following order: backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, freestyle. The LSSL only offers this event at Invitational and Championship swim meets.


The Basics of Dual Swim Meet Scoring

  • There is a total of 430 points
  • The first team to earn 215 wins
  • Individual events are worth 9 points
  • The ‘Live’ heat is the only heat that is scored
  • 1st thru 3rd place score points
  • Relay events are worth 7 points
  • Only the 1st place relay team scores points

Dual Meet Point

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

Individual Events

5 points

3 points

1 point

Relay Events

7 points

0 points

0 points



Scheduled Meet Dates for 2021

  • Tuesday, June 22nd @ Bent Creek Country Club
  • Thursday, June 24th @ East Cocalico
  • Tuesday, July 13th @ Lancaster Country Club
  • Thursday, July 15th @ SECA
  • Thursday, July 20th @ Denver

*All meets will be held in accordance with League schedules beginning at 6:15 pm. Both coaches may agree on another date and time for a scheduled meet.

Volunteer Responsibilities

Summer swim meets are only possible when every volunteer position is filled. Each family on our team will be asked to volunteer for at least one of the following jobs at each swim meet that they have a swimmer participating. We are a small team and therefore need the help and dedication of every member to run an effective swim meet. We thank you in advance for your willingness to support our team.

Volunteers that will be needed for the Summer of 2021 Away Dual Meets:

  • 3-6 Timers
  • 1-2 Stroke and Turn Judges
  • 1-2 Finish Judges
  • 1-2 people for scoring (dependent on if they are split into 1st and 2nd half shifts

Volunteer Descriptions- Away Meets for Summer of 2021

  • Stroke & Turn Judge: Work in pairs on each side of the pool with one member of the pair being from each team. Judges only rule on infractions on their side of the pool. They observe strokes, turns and finishes to see that swimmers comply with requirements for that stroke. Training is required for this position. This position requires volunteering for one half of the meet.
  • Finish Judge: Also work in pairs on each side of the pool with one member of the pair being from each team. Judges record the finish order of each lane and mark it down. Copies of both Finish Judge rulings are sent to the score table with the finished lane timer sheet. This position requires volunteering for one half of the meet.
  • Runner: Responsible for collecting the timer sheets from each lane and placing sheet from the Finish Judge after each event. The papers are delivered to the scoring table. This position requires volunteering for one half of the meet.
  • Scoring: Print the paperwork for the meet and distribute. Enter swimmer times in the scoring software and verify results against the finish order. After results are verified, score the event. Print ribbon labels after each stroke. There are typically 2-3 volunteers at the scoring table during home meets and one during away meets.
  • Ribbons: Place labels on ribbons; sort and file ribbons into swimmer file folder. There are typically 3 volunteers for this job. This job keeps you sitting down and out of the sun.
  • Stagers: You will be responsible for helping to ensure that the swimmers are ready to line up for their events when called upon by the coaches. The stagers should also help to remind the swimmers to clean up after themselves and pack up their belongings before dark. This position requires volunteering for one half of the meet.
  • Head Timer: The head timer is on board to step in with an official time if any other time should need assistance. The head timer will time each heat and step in if another timer raises their hand – alerting the head timer that they have a malfunction with their stopwatch. This position requires volunteering for one half of the meet.
  • Lane Timers: Record the swimmer’s time. Each timer is provided a stopwatch and assigned a lane; there are two timers for each lane; one from each team. You will record both stopwatch times on the lane timer sheet and hand the sheet to the runner after each event. This position requires volunteering for one half of the meet.
  • Photographer: The photographer’s job is to take pictures of the swimmers in action. These photos will be used for social media and Down the Middle updates.
  • Announcer: At home swim meets this person will announce each heat of every event, including the names of individual swimmers. They will work closely with the starter and the scoring table to keep the meet running smoothly.


Stroke and Turn Clinic Meeting: June 6, 2021 (6-8pm via Zoom)

This meeting should be attended by the Head Coach, along with any parent volunteers interested in being a Stroke/Turn Judge or a Finish Judge during the season at a Dual Away Meet.


CCC Crocs Swim Team Staff

The swim team will operate under the direction of the Head Coach along with the Assistant Coaches during the summer swim season (May-July).

  • Head Coach: Schedules and oversees all practices and meets. All final decisions regarding the Swim Team will be made by the Head Coach.


  • Parent Volunteer Coordinator: This position will communicate and organize all parent volunteer positions for each meet. This position will work closely with the Head Coach to ensure that all team communications are distributed to swimmers and parents as needed.




Conestoga Country Club Swim Team

Handbook Waiver


This handbook is intended to help swim team participants get the most out of their Conestoga Country Club Swim Team experience. While coaches and other valunteers play an important role, the help and cooperation of parents is critical to achieve both the program goals of the team as well as the success of individual swimmers. It is important that parents encourage their swimmers to follow the guidelines and rules in the handbook. It is also expected that parents will accept responsibilies as described in the handbook.


I/We have received a copy of the Conestoga Country Club Swim Team Handbook and will abide by all the provisions contained therein.


Swimmer Name(s): __________________________________________________________________________


Parent or Guardian Name: ____________________________________________________________________


Parent or Guardian Signature: _________________________________________________________________


Date: _____________________________________________________________________________________