Team Policies


  1. Be on Time: Practice will start right at
    1. 8:15 AM for all children 11 years and older
    2. 9:30 AM for children 10 years and younger
    3. Practices will be held Monday-Thursday, with no practice on Friday.
  2. Weather: Practice is held rain or shine, and coaches will determine cancelation if need be and notify parents.
  3. The Baby Pool/Basketball Court area is off limits for any children at the time of swim practice.
  4. Swim team practices are for members of the swim team only.
  5. Swimmers are expected to practice at the time assigned to their age group.
  6. Swimmers are expected to provide their own googles and towel.
  7. Swimmers are expected to leave the pool deck as they found it, clean and tidy.

Swim Meets

  1. Each team should supply officials as designated below:
    1. Two timers on each lane (one from each team)
    2. Two stroke and turn judges (one from each team)
    3. Home Stroke and turn official will be on the side of the pool that corresponds with the visiting teams fastest swimmer and the visiting official will be on the side with the home teams fastest swimmer.
    4. One head timer/recorder (home team)
    5. One starter (home team).  The starter may also act as the meet referee if he can witness all finishes.
    6. One referee (home team)
    7. Two finish judges (one from each team)
      1. Visiting team finish judge will be on the same side as the official 
  2. Coaches are required to complete the online “Meet Entry” process for each swim meet by the deadlines listed below:
    1. Dual Meets – By 5:00 PM the day of the Meet (All changes to any roster must be date stamped one week prior to any meet during the progress of the season). All teams are limited to 3 entries in a 6-lane pool or 4 entries in an 8-lane pool.
    2. Divisional Championship Meets – Entries close 8:00 PM Friday, one week prior to the date of the Divisional meet.
  3. The swimmers age as of June 1 determines the age group they will compete in for the duration of the summer per LSSL rules. Swimmers may not compete in the league after the summer following their graduation from high school.
  4. Swimmer events for Dual Meets and Invitationals will be assigned by the coaching staff.
  5. The coaching staff will determine the swimmer order for all relay events.
  6. Swimmers must participate in at least two dual meets to be eligible for the Divisional and League Championship Meets.
  7. Swimmers will sit together as a team during all swim meets.
  8. Swimmers should remain in the pool area during the meet.
  9. Swimmers are expected to stay for the entire meet UNLESS the coaching staff has been notified.
  10. If your swimmer will be leaving before the meet concludes you are required to notify the coach by email 24 hours in advance of the meet.
  11. Swimmers are not allowed to be in the water unless they are competing; doing so may result in forfeiture of the swim meet.
  12. Coaches and Timers are the only adults allowed behind the starting blocks.
  13. Parents and spectators should watch from the sides of the pool.
  14. Swimmers are asked to leave the pool deck as they found it, clean and tidy.

Swimmer and Parent Conduct

As a member of the Lancaster Summer Swim League, we follow the league code of conduct which states:

“LSSL requires all sports Officials to enforce the sportsmanship rules for Coaches, Contestants and Spectators. Actions meant to demean opposing players, teams, spectators, and officials are not in the highest ideals of summer swimming and will not be tolerated. Let each contest reflect mutual respect.”