"We make a living by what we get,

but we make a life by what we give."  

Winston Churchill 


Thank you for volunteering to serve the Waves as well as supporting your swimmer;

you are greatly appreciated!

To make the swim season successful,

parents of Juniors are expected to volunteer at least 3 meet "halves."

Parents of swimmers on the White and Blue team are expected to volunteer

at least 8 meet "halves."

Fulfilling the parent volunteering obligation is a requirement.


Volunteers serve the team according to "First Half - Events 1 - 40"

and "Second Half - Events 41 - 78."

Volunteering "times" are an "estimate" to help volunteers have an idea

of the time commitment involved in volunteering during a typical swim meet.

We recommend parents of Junior swimmers volunteer for the "First Half"

in case you choose to leave the swim meet early;

"Eight and Unders" do not swim the relays, Events 62 - 78.


In addition to the dual meet volunteering obligation,

all parents will be expected to volunteer during A / B Conference.

B Conference will be hosted by the Waves on Saturday, July 20.

A Conference will be hosted by Roselle on Saturday, July 27.


Swim meets will not run smoothly without your support and commitment

to serve the Waves.

Thank you!


Announcer: Announce what event is in the water as well as the event on the blocks.  Report missing swimmers.  Announce the score and an important messages pertaining to the Waves.


Back Up Timer:  Time each event  case of a timing malfuntion.  Must attend Timers' meeting prior to the start of the meet.

Bullpen Parent:   Greet swimmers.  Organize the swimmers for each event by lining up swimmers according to  Heats and Lane assignments.  Report any missing swimmer.  Send swimmers off to Chairs.


Chairs:  Greet swimmers.  Organize swimmers according to Events, Heats, and Lanes.  Keep swimmers behing the blocks. 

Clerk of Course:  Greet swimmers.  Communicate with Announcer and assist with Chairs.

Computer Operator: Enter the times for each swimmer for each event into the computer. Score the meet after each event and print the results.  Pass the printed results and sheets to the Verifier.  Make corrections in the computer if the Verifier finds an error.  Print the new results and return everything to the Verifier.

Concession Stand Volunteer: Help set up the concession area before the swim meet, sell concessions during the swim meet, and assist in clean up after the meet.

DQ Writer: Transcribe information from the judge’s DQ cards onto slips of paper the swimmers receive. 

Finish Judge: Watch the end of an event and record the order of finish by lane.  Must attend Judges meeting prior to the start of the meet.

Head Scorer: Oversee the Scorers' Table by ensuring everyone understands their responsibiilities.  Responsible for taking any questions to the Referee.  Sort timer sheets.  Average the swimmer's time.  Circle the average time.  Attach DQ cards and pass off all to the Reader.


Hospitality:  Take water and refreshments to volunteers halfway through both halves of the meet at approximately Event 20 and Event 60.

Meet Director:  Responsible for seeing all required equipment and materials are available before the meet. Oversee the entire meet making sure the meet runs smoothly. Fill in wherever necessary.

Reader:  Read each swimmer’s time from the timers' sheets to the Computer Operator.

Referee: Leader of the judging staff.  Responsible for the overall running and judging of the meet.  Make all final decisions in the event of a dispute.  Make sure all lanes are clear before another event begins.  Announce each event and call the swimmers to the blocks.  A certified position.  Must attend Judges meeting prior to the start of the meet.

Runner: Walk around the pool deck and pick up the timers' sheets and finish judge cards as well as DQ cards from the judges, starters, and referees.  Deliver the cards to the scoring table.
Set Up Crew:  Set Up Paradise Bay for the meet.  Move tables and chairs.  Set up tents.  Must arrive approximately 90 minutes to the start of the meet.
Scorers' Table Set Up:  Organize Scorers' Table to prepare for the meet.  Must arrive approximately an hour to the start of the meet.
Scorers' Table:  Sort timer sheets, average times, organize DQ slips.

Starter: Begin each race with an electronic starting system and alert the swimmers to false starts. Judge the take-offs, strokes, exchanges, and finishes of the swimmers.  A certified position.  Must attend Judges meeting prior to the start of the meet.

Stroke Judge: Check swimmers are swimming the appropriate stroke in the correct manner.  A certified position.    Must attend Judges meeting prior to the start of the meet.
Tear Down Crew:  Move equipment, chairs, tables, and tents.  Return Paradise Bay back to its original state so it is ready for business as usual.

Timer: Time each event from behind the blocks.   Must attend Timers' meeting prior to the start of the meet.

Turn Judge:  Check swimmers are doing the correct turning maneuvers for their race.  A certified position.  Must attend Judges meeting prior to the start of the meet.

Verifier: Check each swimmer's times.  Notify the Computer Operator in event of an error so the even can be rescored.  Re-verify the event once corrections have been made.

Waves' Gear Sales:  Sell Waves' merchandise.