New England Swimming

Nantucket Swimming 2022 Training Groups

Our training groups are designed to provide the ideal training environment for athletes to achieve their goals.  Each group will fall under the same training philosophies but have practices that are tailored to the age and ability of the group. The age range for each group is used as a guideline but the coaches hold the final say on who should be placed in each group.  The coaches may change lane assignments as they see fit based on ability, improvement, or the current workout.  

Orange Group

Orange is our first entry level developmental Group and is geared towards 3rd, 4th and 5th Graders, swimmers who are developing proper technique in the four competitive strokes. Starts, open turns and flip turns are introduced as well as refinement of their stroke technique.  Swimmers will learn proper practice etiquette to ensure that all swimmers have a safe environment in which to learn.  Swimmers are encouraged to swim in all home meets and get a taste of what its like to be on a swim team. Orange Group will train Tuesday/Thursday/Friday for 60 min, swimmers are expected to attend 2 out of 3 practices each week.

Yellow Group

Yellow Group continues to develop upon the skills from orange group.  Swimmers are expected to have legal technique in all four competitive strokes.  Coaches will begin to introduce newer training concepts so that the swimmers get used to utilizing the pace clock and keeping track of intervals.  Practice terminology and etiquette will advance which will prepare the swimmers to participate in more complex practices in the future. Yellow group swimmers will swim at all home meets as well as be invited to several travel meets throughout the season.  Yellow Group will practice Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Saturday for 75 minutes, swimmers are expected to attend 3 of 4 practices each week. 

Green Group

The Green group is our 14 and under competitive prep group.  Swimmers will increase their practice time and develop a stronger understanding of how to train.  Practice attendance becomes more important as time out of the pool can cause swimmers to fall behind.   The group is designed to prepare our youth swimmers to compete in at the Age Group level of the New England LSC.  Developing race strategy, understanding of pacing and training is emphasized in order to produce well rounded swimmers who can compete in all offered events.  Participation in all home meets is expected.  Participation in USS meets is recommended.   Green Group will train Monday-Friday for 90 minutes and swimmers are expected to attend 4 of 5 practices each week. 

Blue Group

The Blue group is designed for our elite 14U age group swimmers who are ready for more advanced training.  Swimmers will swim at all USA swimming events and are geared toward achieving cuts for Age Group Championships.  Workouts will be interval based and swimmers are expected to know their times, goals, and cuts etc.   Swimmers are expected to be at over 90% of total workouts and will begin to start a dryland training program as well.  Blue group swimmers will train 5 days a week for 90 minutes, Saturdays for 120 minutes and have dryland workouts each week. 

Red Group

The Red Group is Nantucket Swimming’s Senior level training group and will be limited to high school swimmers only. Nantucket seniors are expected to be at all practices and dryland workouts each week.  Red group will be training Monday through Saturday with 5 120min workouts and 1 90 min workout, in addition to 3 dryland workouts each week.  Swimmers will be expected to swim at all USS meets outside of their high school season and will be the leaders of the program inside and out of the pool.