Ladybug Families are made up of girls or boys from each age group on the team. They are geared to promote intra-team bonding AND to encourage the older children to bring the younger children into the culture of the team--teach cheers, learn the ins and outs of the swim meet, and so on. There are many opportunities for the kids to interact with their "sisters/brothers."

View this year's Ladybug Families. If your child isn't on the list, please contact

Here is a list of suggestions for swimmers if your child is unsure of how to start, or what they should be looking for: 

  • Introduce yourselves to your sisters/brothers! If you need a coach to introduce you, let them know. Don't feel bad if you don't know everyone in your family will!
  • Show your little sisters/brothers where to go/what to do during swim meets. This week with the first couple meets are the best times to do this. 
  • Be your little sister's/brother's "legs" during backstroke. 
  • Cheer for your sisters/brothers during races. 
  • Get excited for Ladybug Field Day--there will be sister/brother events!
  • Have fun with it! There's no pressure, this is just a fun team-bonding tradition.

As our coaches and some parents know, this is a tradition that dates back decades--all of the coaches who swam for GPST had a big brother or sister during their careers. 

Parents, don't hesitate to ask the coaches or older kids for assistance with connecting your younger children to the older swimmers.