Visiting Team Families:

  • Parking spaces will be available in the Garrett Park Pool parking lot across the street from the pool.
  • There is also parking available on Cambria Avenue and Raleigh Avenue. 
  • Please do not block resident driveways, and please do not park in the areas where orange cones have been placed.
  • Temporary parking spaces from the front of the pool entrance to the side access gate are reserved for food trucks, swimmer drop-off/pick up, pizza delivery, supply drop-offs and ice-cream truck only.
  • Alternate parking is available on Clermont Avenue and Keswick Street on the other side of Strathmore Avenue.

Garrett Park Families:

  • Parking in the parking lot and on the Garrett Park Pool side of Strathmore Avenue, Keswick Street, Cambria Avenue and Raleigh Avenue is reserved for visiting team swimmers and parents.  See the map with areas shaded in blue for reference.
  • If you have to drive, please carpool with other families.
  • Parking is available on the other side of Strathmore Avenue including Keswick Street, Clermont Avenue and adjacent streets.
  • Please do not block resident driveways.
  • If you live near the pool, please walk or ride your bike.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the parking policy, please contact