Meet Job



(home meets)

  • Announces races and, at A Meets, the names of the participating swimmers.
  • Helps to open and close the event.
  • Works with team reps and officials, as needed, to provide information to meet volunteers, parents and swimmers.

Assistant Head Timer

Backs up Head Timer.


Affixes stickers to ribbons.

Clerk of Course

  • Lines children up prior to races.
  • Sends them in order to sit behind the blocks to prepare for races.

Computer Operator/ Automation

  • Has quick math skills.
  • Enters and verifies times and results from cards into swim team computer.
  • Prints out stickers for awards.
  • Prints out results to be posted during meet.

Food Sales

(home meets)

Sells food and drinks during meets to support concession sales.

Head Timer

  • Briefs timers prior to the start of the meet.
  • Works closely with Referee and Starter.
  • Signals Referee when timers are ready for next event.
  • Starts backup watches during each event in case timers miss the start.

Parking Attendant

(home meets)

  • Arrives at the pool prior to swimmers and parents.
  • Directs both the home and visiting teams to their designated parking areas at both ends of Cambria Ave.
  • Ensures only visitors are parking cars in the pool parking lot.
  • Ensures cars are not blocking resident driveways or parking illegally.
  • Ensures the temporary parking spaces from the front of the pool entrance to the side access gate are clear.


(mostly home meets)

Must have attended MCSL training and clinic!

  • Oversees meet.
  • Briefs Stroke & Turn judges prior to the meet.
  • Verifies disqualification with Stroke & Turn judges.
  • Oversees timers.
  • Signals starter when to start races.


Picks up heat sheets after each event and turns into the automation table.


(mostly away meets)

Must have attended MCSL training or be certified through Potomac Valley Swimming!

Uses Colorado Electronic Starter to start all races.

Stroke and Turn Judge

Must have attended MCSL training or be certified through Potomac Valley Swimming!

Watches swimmers and determines if they are doing the strokes and turns correctly according to MCSL rules.


(one per lane)

  • Uses stopwatches to time events.
  • Records the times on cards.

Verifier/Automation Support

Works with Computer Operator to verify times after each event.