Swim Team Job




  • Serves as team’s representatives to the MCSL.
  • Coordinates the efforts of the team’s core volunteer parents.
  • Has primary responsibility for supervision of the coaching staff.
  • Is responsible for Garrett Park conforming to MCSL and competitive requirements.

Marty Brown, Monica and Tom Faucette - areps@garrettparkladybugs.org

Summer Stroker Reps/“B” Reps

Works to plan, staff, and execute the Summer Stroker meets (Wednesday nights).

Kelly Oskvig, Heather Bruskin - breps@garrettparkladybugs.org


  • Approves online registration.
  • Maintains the roster of parents and contact information.

Patty Hickey - membership@garrettparkladybugs.org


  • Maintains the team’s books.
  • Handles the team‘s banking.

David Goldberg - treasurer@garrettparkladybugs.org

Team Wear

  • Chooses/designs team apparel each season.
  • Collects and distributes swim suit orders.
  • Sells team apparel during home swim meets.

Molly Shuck, Natalie Grande, Dianne Hilligoss - spiritwear@garrettparkladybugs.org

Friday Afternoon Activities

  • Coordinates with the coaches the Friday afternoon activities for the team.
  • Buys supplies and does any prep work required for the activity.

Kate Fritz - fridayactivities@garrettparkladybugs.org

Automation Computer Operator

  • Maintains team records.
  • Maintains meet results on the team computer.

Heather Down - automation@garrettparkladybugs.org

Pre-Team Rep

  • Schedules and organizes the mini meet for the Pre-Team.
  • Serves as contact person for Pre-Team parents.

Marni Ollinger - preteamreps@garrettparkladybugs.org

Food Coordinator

  • Organizes sales of food at home meets.
  • Purchases supplies and works with food sales team during the meet.

A Meet - Melanie Tunney  B Meet - Jane McClintock, Laurence Moureaux - food@garrettparkladybugs.org


Maintains team website.

Dawn Harris - webmaster@garrettparkladybugs.org

Friday Morning Breakfast

Organizes Friday morning breakfast for the swimmers and coaches.

TBD - fridaybreakfast@garrettparkladybugs.org

Bulletin Board

Decorates and updates the swim team bulletin board at the pool.

TBD - bulletinboard@garrettparkladybugs.org

Officials Chair

  • Works with and mentors swimming officials.
  • Is a liaison with the Team Board and MCSL for all GP certified team officials.

Angie Melton - officialschair@garrettparkladybugs.org

Certified Officials

Acts as Stroke & Turn Judges, Starters and Referees.


Banquet and Award Coordinator

  • Schedules and plans the end of season banquet.
  • Purchases team awards.

Vivian Lacroix - banquet@garrettparkladybugs.org

Team Photographers

  • Takes pictures at Saturday and Wednesday meets.
  • Maintains swim team Shutterfly site.
  • Coordinates Team Photo day.
  • Creates slideshow for the banquet.

Suzanne Stievater - photographers@garrettparkladybugs.org

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