Greetings from the Glenwood newsroom.

In a sign that pool season is just around the corner, this weekend’s mini heat wave sent us on an early scramble for flip flops, tank tops, and other hot-weather props essential for a sizzling summer in the DMV.

What’s high up on our summer-prep checklist? Register the kids for swim team. The practice swim meet we call Time Trials is right around the corner, on June 11, and before that we have a screening for swimmers new to the Big Team on May 31, followed by the first swim practices on June 1.

You can find the Tigers’ season schedule here and the practice times here.

If you missed our last email or simply gave it a quick glance and then nudged it into your do-later pile, no worries. We’re here to remind you—and probably remind you again, and maybe two or three more times after that—when, how, and where to register your children for swim team.


See how we did that?

Online registration is OPEN for returning Big Team swimmers only.

If your family’s membership dues are paid and you have no new swimmers joining the Big Team, you may sign up here. Please make sure all contact and billing information is updated and correct and sign the required waivers for your swimmer’s participation in meets and practices.

You can find more detailed registration instructions here.

Be sure to use your existing account to log in and register.  If your email address has changed since last summer, email Team Treasurer Traci Vagnucci at [email protected] and she will update your account for you.

Do not create a new account! All your swimmer's information is tied to your existing account.


It’s true that it takes a village to make a swim season successful (or in Glenwood’s case, spectacular). But, equally important, it takes a small, dedicated cadre of eagle-eyed parents to ensure that the meets are legal and fair.

Ever notice those white-shirted folks stationed in all the best viewing spots around the pool at the meets? Yes, they really are as important as they look.

We cannot run a meet without qualified officials, and we really don’t want to compete in a meet that doesn’t include Glenwood’s fair share of these essential experts.

To that end, the Montgomery County Swim League has posted its annual series of one-shot training clinics for stroke-and-turn judges and starters. In just a few hours on a single evening or weekend day, you can become an expert on the finer points of summer swimming.

All participating swim team families have a certain number of volunteer jobs to do each season. Becoming an MCSL official is a great way to fulfill that requirement.

Help us continue our legacy of fielding some of the best MCSL officials in the county. Sign up for a clinic now!

Questions? Email Glenwood Parent Rep Zac Morford.


So, about that village we mentioned above. That’s you. That’s us.

Summer swimming is all about the kids. But it’s our family of dedicated parent volunteers that makes the Glenwood program the experience that it is every season.

We need you, parents.

You label the ribbons. You wire our events for sound and lights. You start and stop the watches. You corral the kids into orderly lines for their races. You snap all the best action shots, sell the donuts, grill the food, start the races, and record the results.

The to-do list goes on and on, yet Glenwood has never struggled to find help whenever and wherever it’s needed.

Thank you for that, parents, and thanks in advance for what we know will be another brilliant, all-hands-on-deck summer.

We will have a meeting for parents new to swim team on Monday, June 6 at 6:30pm on the back deck at Glenwood. Then we plan to open the job sign-up for all Big Team parents at 8:30 p.m. that same evening. If you’re unfamiliar with the jobs process and the team’s volunteer requirement, you can learn more here.

That’s all the news for now. Stay cool, Tigers!—Your Team Reps