"A" Meets (Saturday Mornings)

Coaches seed the A meets, meaning they pick the swimmers and they events they will swim.  Generally speaking, coaches pick the fastest swimmers in each event for the "A" meets based on times swum at Time Trials and at meets throughout the season.  As swimmers consistently improve their times, the entries will vary from week to week.  According to MCSL guidelines, there are limitations on the number of events a child may swim in each meet. so that also plays into the coach's choices.  Swimmers can be entered in a maximum of 3 individual stroke events, plus the individual medley event.

Each week, the coaches determine  which swimmers will compete in the "A" meet (see below for more information about B meet eligibility).  Those not competing in the "A" meets (Saturday mornings) will be able to compete in the "B" meet (Wednesday evenings).   On Thursday evenings, when the coaches decide the line-ups for Saturday, they assume that all the swimmers are available to swim at the "A" meet so signing out is very important if you are not going to be available to swim.  The line up is usually announced Friday morning at practice, and will be posted online by Thursday evenings. 

            A Meet Relay Eligibility

            The relay teams at A Meets are selected from the fastest swimmers (based on fastest swim    
            times during the entire season not just the results of that day's entries).  A swimmer might place    
            first in his or her event during a particular meet but might still not beat the standing fastest time
            achieved by another swimmer, and therefore might not be selected to swim in the relay event. 
            Additionally, it is the Head Coach’s discretion to strategize relay teams' combinations for A and B
            relays as a  way to achieve the most points for the team.

           "B" Meet  (Wednesday evenings)

           Kentlands is a member of the Seneca B League.  Weekly "B" meets give swimmers an opportunity
           to post times which may qualify them to  swim in the next A meet;  perfect and apply the skills
have learned in practice;  and, compete against other teams, even though the swimmer may
qualify for participation in an A Meet.  

           In a "B" meet, a swimmer is eligible to swim an individual event (including the I.M.) only once per  
           week in either an A or B meet (i.e., if the swimmer swims Freestyle on the previous Saturday,  
           he/she may not swim Freestyle on Wednesday.)   The exception is if he/she is asked to "Swim Up"
           to an older age group on Saturday morning, he/she may then compete on Wednesday in that
           same  stroke in their own age group.    

 The swimmer may swim no more than three individual strokes and the I.M. in the B Meet.

 All swimmers must perform a "legal" stroke in order to participate.   If unsure, please ask the coach 
 prior to signing up.  

 If a swimmer swims a total of three (3) individual stroke events at the A Meet on Saturday, they may swim the off-stroke on the following Wednesday as an Exhibition swimmer only.  The swimmer will receive a time, but not a place finish or ribbon for the event.  There will be an "X" by the swimmer's name in the meet program, and their time will be listed at the bottom of the event results.  IF a swimmer does not swim the IM in the Saturday A Meet, they may swim the event in the B meet for a place finish/ribbon.

There will be no "swimming up" to an older age level in a B Meet.