It is important that if your swimmer is not available to swim in an A meet, that you sign out - meaning you remove yourself from being seeded because you are not available to swim.

If you know your child or children will not be able to swim in that week's A meet, please use this website to sign out no later than 8:00pm on Tuesday of that week. 

It will also be helpful if you tell Coach Tim directly, but it would be appreciated if you would sign out, following the instructions below. 

Please complete the following  process for each swimmer in your family who is unavailable to swim in an A meet:

1.  Select the Events tab, or go to the list of events on the home page under the photo gallery. 

2.  Click the "edit commitment" pushbutton for the desired meet.  This will bring up a list of all swimmers registered in your account.

3.  Click the swimmer’s name in the Member Name column.

4.  Change the drop-down box labeled “Signup Record” to reflect “No, thanks, (swimmer first name) will NOT attend this event”.

5.  Click the "Save" pushbutton.

Thanks for letting us know, we can't wait to see you back on the pool deck!