A Time Trial will be facilitated just as an official swim meet; a Ref, Starter, Stroke and Turn Judges, and Automation are to be put in place.  Time Trials is to be run on the Saturday morning prior to the first A meet of the season.  All swimmers are encouraged to swim all strokes, with the Head Coach doing a review of the entries to ensure swimmers (especially new ones) are swimming strokes in which they are legal. 

Make up Time Trials will be held, for swimmers who have a valid reason for missing TT, on the Monday evening after the official TT day.   Parents of swimmers participating in the makeup TT are expected to time.  A Stroke and Turn Judge and a Starter are to be scheduled for the make-up TT.   Examples of valid reasons for excuse include sitting for SAT or ACT exams, illness, or family emergency.  Swimmers are encouraged to swim in the first B meet to get a time if they are not able to swim in the scheduled TT. 

Registration and Concession payment must be completed before a swimmer is eligible to participate in Time Trials.